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Alan Schneider


               The life that seems to surround us is filled with questions, great and small. The small ones are of little concern – what tie will I wear today, what will I have for lunch, what program will I watch on television tonight. The greater ones are of considerably more significance – how will I make my living, when and whom will I marry, where will I live on this Earth, how will I achieve my goals in life. And there is another range of existential questions – why am I here in my present form, and how may I know the truth of something – two questions that strike to the heart of things in this life of turbulence and uncertainty. And these two are intimately related; to answer one is tantamount to answering the other, and it is the goal of this article to, at the very least, seriously investigate the meaning and purpose of life and truth, and attempt to provide these answers.  

            Science has defined the mechanism of evolution as the process most supported by physical evidence as being responsible for the advent of human existence. Under this explanation, the physical universe first appeared from a microsingularlity, rapidly expanded thereafter – cooling as it did so, formed into galaxies and planetary systems – including our local solar system, and eventually formed stable solar masses capable in some cases of supporting planetary biospheres. Our Earth resides within such a biosphere. Conditions within this region of space exhibit a critical balance of factors – correct amount of solar radiation, stable planetary orbit, sufficient planetary mass needed to retain an atmosphere, moderate surface temperature, abundance of raw chemicals – required to permit the occurrence of those stable forms of complex, self-replicating  chemical reactions known as life. Here, the matter becomes a little more subject to debate, however, as we begin by addressing the first question of relevance – even though the ideal balance of factors was present on Earth to sustain life, why did life then appear? Was this inevitable, or simply accidental?  

            Given the eventual occurrence of life, the subsequent emergence of intelligent, sentient life in some form was almost certainly inevitable. But why should life have even occurred in the first place? Why didn’t the existing chemicals simply just lie there in a non-reactive slop for eternity? The answer given by science to this question is entropy. Stated as simply as possible, entropy means that the universe is, and has been, running down – essentially losing energy through radiation dissipation into the empty space that accounts for most of its condition. Our planet has experienced entropy since its creation from the giant solar flare that birthed it, predominantly seen in the process of planetary cooling and subsequent contraction. Although this is all quite theoretical, science surmises that when a critical point was reached in the planetary entropy process, the chemical composition of coastal tidal pools was activated by the then permissible temperatures to form the first primitive amino acids – the first building blocks of life. As acids, they were prone to reactivity with the inert elements around them, eventually forming free chlorophyll, a compound capable of in turn synthesizing simple sugars in the presence of sunlight. As an abundance of complex organic chemicals appeared through this process, algae-like organic soup was formed in these tidal pools, eventually becoming  unicellular algae, the first primitive plants. Fossil records of these plants have been identified through microscopic examination of Precambrian sediment.  

            So, life originated as the result of the planetary cooling process, itself a reflection of the universal cooling, or energy dissipation process. Science has theorized that the micro singularity expansion may itself be the expression of an as yet unseen pulsation of material that expands and contracts at some cosmic interval as yet only hinted at by the intergalactic optical red shift, i.e. objects at great distances appear to be more radiant in the red spectrum as they continue to move away from us. And Einstein has suggested that the template of the universe itself is curved, indicating that everything will follow this curvature until it once again contracts into the micro-singularity condition. Ultimately, in order to answer the question of life, we must therefore ask “Where did the energetic mass of the universe come from, and what is its fundamental nature?”

            If we look at arguably the simplest phenomenon available for inspection – light – we are once again immediately confronted with a paradox – its wave-particle nature. In some ways, light behaves like a wave – certain colors have distinct wave-lengths and frequencies. In other ways, light behaves like a particle – the photon – having a more or less measurable impact mass, and the ability to interact with other atomic and subatomic particles to achieve physical and chemical reactions. For example, when a photovoltaic cell is struck by a photon, the result is the release of an electron, resulting in current flow. The photon is consumed or converted in the reaction, which also may release a gamma ray as a product. The gamma ray is is presumably wholly radiant in character, but this may simply mean that it is of such high energy (i.e. velocity), and therefore, short wave length, that its particle nature cannot be ascertained by any existing measurement technology. 

            All radiant energy exhibits this duality, not just visible light. Heat also exists as waves and photons, as does ultraviolet, and x-rays. Microwave radiation, located at the extreme end of the radiant energy spectrum, along with the aforementioned gamma rays, exists at the particle-state threshold, having a very short wave length coupled with very high frequencies. Visible light is of significance in this discussion because, like heat, our senses can directly detect it. As was noted in the previous article, the wave-particle nature of radiant energy is of great importance because it brings the quantum uncertainty principle to bear on human observational capability. I at least attempted to make the case for the rather startling proposition that we create what we observe through the act of observing it, and without the observation, the universe is always in a non-determinate, in other words, nonexistent state. If observation achieves creation, what is the source of that observational capability? If it is only the individual human observer, then something should still exist apart from the observation. Clearly there is more to this picture than meets the eye!  

            The process of Ascension is the key to understanding the hidden meaning of observation, and is characterized as beginning in the first Chakra Muladhara, representative of the Physical Plane of manifestation. As the Kundalini Energy, the motive force driving Ascension, rises up the spinal column, it is said that the Chakras sequentially disappear behind it, taking the representation of consciousness pertaining to each one with it. Having had this experience, I would have to say that this is a substantially accurate description – as the Kundalini ascends, the focus of consciousness transitions to ever higher and more symbolic, ideal forms of expression. Thus, the awareness of physical, sensory reality disappears with the Chakra Muldahara, along with the observational focus known as the ego. The archetypes experienced in the next Chakra Svadhisthana do not require the analytical perspective of the ego to exist – they simply exist without interpretation, as do the experiences of the rest of the Chakras beyond. Jung referred to this quality of the archetypes as numinousity – they simply stand out in consciousness without the need for additional associative support.  

            As the Ascension process takes place, and the Chakras perceptually disappear following the progress of the Kundalini, the Karma associated with each Chakra also disappears, with the proviso that the human consciousness hosting the process has become enlightened enough to release it. If not, the process stops where the enlightenment stops, and does not resume until the coefficient of enlightenment increases. The Karma, or, in Sanskrit, action, associated with the Chakra Muladhara and the Physical Plane of Manifestation is that which mirrors our Souls to us through the various gross vibrations of the Physical Plane – in other words, through the effects of our observations in this life. An observation is simply the action that is the first to take place – in the Psyche – and presupposes all other subsequent actions, including overt physical behavior. If the center of observation (the ego) is gone, the Karma of observation is also gone, along with the experience of physicality and physical activity. 

            Each Chakra has its associated Karma. The Karma of Svadhisthana is concerned with sexuality taken in its literal context as sexual practice – the Left Hand Path of Tantra Yoga. When the nature of the sexual drive is understood as the yearning for reunion with God – the Right Hand Path – then this Karma is converted to Dharma – holy devotion – and the Ascension process continues to the Chakra Manipura, the social power center. The Karma of this Chakra is concerned with manipulation for the sake of obtaining superficial social power. When the understanding is attained that only honesty in word and deed conveys any lasting power in life, and that this rarely or never involves taking power over other human beings, then the Karma of power seeking is converted to the Dharma of respect and humility, and the Ascension process continues onward and upward to the Chakras to follow.  At the level of the Sixth Chakra Ajna, Karma concerns the most potent physical instinct connected with existence – the survival drive connected with the last level of awareness associated with the presence of the body – intuitive knowledge. In order to continue on to Sahasrara, the Seventh and final Chakra, we must be absolutely willing to die out of the remaining knowledge associated with the body – the Karma of subject-object duality implicit in all perception – even the highest level of Intuitive Awareness in Ajna.  To enter Sahasrara is to perceive beyond subjective perception at the ultimate level of pure Love and pure Light. 

            The Ascension process amounts to sequentially surrendering various levels of illusion in exchange for the perception of what really exists – the Logos. When all of the lingering deception of the ego is finally gone, we find ourselves face to face with the Divine Manifestation, making the ultimate observation of the ultimate condition by becoming totally absorbed within it. It would appear that God really is Love creating the Light of Consciousness at the highest level of Truth attainable – the vibration of the Holy Name – YHVH. This is the essence of the fundamental nature of the universe and all of the apparent material within it – God pouring God into God! We are here in our present form as the opportunity to discover this Absolute Truth hidden behind the many veils of Karmic illusion. 

            And this also answers our additional question, “How may I know the truth of something?” The truth of anything is its spiritual essence as an expression of the Logos. Know the Logos, and you know all there is to know of the Truth of anything anywhere, because the Logos is all Truth everywhere – Love creating Light as the ultimate expression of Truth – YHVH, the Holy Word from which all other words and conditions emanate on all planes of experience everywhere. One knows the truth through knowing the Source of Truth. 

            To my knowledge, the only way to attain Ascension is through the practice of meditation. Paradoxically, by turning within and rejecting the apparent world shown to us in the physical senses, we can eventually discover the truth about life – that it is an illusion created by a super-conscious Being composed of Love and Light to challenge us to see beyond the physical senses and material manifestation to the highest attainable level of Truth, and share that level with each other. I offer the following council: Vibrate consistently at the highest level of consciousness attainable!


                                                                                - With Love, Alan -

                                                                         (CR2008, Alan Schneider)


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