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Alan Schneider


              The Logoic Plane is the Seventh, and final, Plane of Ascension, one rarely directly contacted by human consciousness, and apparently removed to the greatest extent possible from the Physical Plane and senses. Paradoxically, this Plane is, like all the others, never any more remote from personal experience than our expectations, and our social conditioning, cause it to be. In the words of Christ “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, and all around you!”  We simply have learned how to not perceive it as it is – the manifestation and Loving gift of God. How did this sad state of affairs come to be?

             We exist on the Physical Plane in a clearly manifest physical form – the body – and that body, in turn, experiences both its internal world, and the external world – the perceptual environment in which it is located for the term of incarnation – through the action of the physical senses. Through the complex interaction of brain chemistry and neurological events, we have come to form the ego as the pinnacle of our perception on the Physical Plane – it is this ego that “experiences” knowledge through its interpretation of memory cross referenced with the ongoing inputs of the senses.  The ego is a social construct – when it is removed from social involvement, it rapidly deteriorates to the perceptual level of basic instinct, as does the sentience which it comprises.  

            The essential condition of life in the ego’s environment, and one which it has evolved in response to over all the expanse of existence on Earth, is scarcity of resources. The rapid expanse of biology has always outrun the natural capacity of the environment to comfortably sustain life, and frequently to even sustain it at all. So it is that the ego mirrors the condition from which it has evolved – turbulence – and is almost never at peace, constantly seeking additional sources of gratification, and on the lookout all the while for signs of environmental threat, great and small.  The clear evidence that it has an essentially hopeless task in the face of the transitory nature of life and the assured transition of death does nothing whatsoever to blunt the ego’s enthusiasm for its primary task of identifying and collecting resources – if anything, those realizations spur the ego on to even more determined efforts along those lines! Such is the root process of human awareness.  

            This basic human condition is challenged by what has become known as Enlightenment – the introduction to our root awareness of an extended sequence of altered states of intuitive perception and higher consciousness.  The Planes of Ascension represent such a sequence – graduated incremental stages of heightened, alternative perception that both depart from, and expand upon, the experience of the ego and physical senses on the Physical Plane of Conscious Expression.  It is of the greatest significance, and must be strongly emphasized here, that the nature of our human involvement with the body of flesh does not change – this is our perspective as a result of the Divine Gift of Karma. What does change with the introduction of Enlightenment into our condition is our experience and perception of that involvement. As we become more familiar with the altered conscious states of the Planes of Ascension through the Enlightenment process, we learn entirely new, enhanced paradigms of experience, each of which eclipses the last in terms of subtlety and expanded perspective on our condition as observers of the totality of existence. That totality is expressed as the Psyche – the sum total of all possible human experience, both internal and external – The Kingdom of Heaven is both within us, and all around us.  We can know Divine Love, Light, and Bliss right now, if we can but attain to the experience of them.  Seeking this experience of the Divine is what the Ascension Experiment is all about.  

            Although we remain logged in the body for the term of incarnation, and must conduct some extent of survival oriented activities in consequence of this fact, the nature, extent, and worth of these is heavily influenced by ego interpretation.  The ego tends to seek quantity above and beyond quality in the experience of living, and has the greatest difficulty in coming to terms with the contention of Enlightenment that a small increase in sensory quality can more than offset copious amounts of the same old crap – i.e. sensory appetite indulgence. The very presence of the senses functioning in the service of the ego is a recipe for addiction, plain and simple, and it is no wonder that we are all so easily habituated to physical experiences. Ironically, the more successful we are at this practice, the longer we tend to live and, of the greatest evolutionary importance, breed.  The result of this process in the Post-Modern World is an exhausted planet overrun by materialistic addicts seeking their next fix. Quantity? Oh, yes, we have quantity in the extreme – what is lacking is quality – quality of experience, quality of life, quality of consciousness. Are we more secure? Are our families more secure? Has the world become a better, more stable place, as the result of our addictions? I think not.  

            Enlightenment represents an alternative to addiction, and addictive behavior.  When we choose to turn away from the extroverted, appetite-driven matrix of the ego and the physical senses in favor of the exploration of the inner world of heightened perception, which can be accessed by such techniques as meditation, we have taken the first step toward sanity and a sane orientation for living.  To those who would say such things as “There is no God, and no Soul” or “the realm of spiritual study is itself insane and unfounded” I would reply that the psychological template, the archetype, of God most certainly exists, and demands that there be a God, and of the Soul that there be a Soul. And the template of the Planes of Ascension also exists, as the map of Enlightenment, and without this provision present as the alternative to sensory addiction we will become addicts doomed to perish in the service of our addiction.  Under those conditions, who would not choose Enlightenment as the best hope of a challenged humanity?  And make no mistake about this – however placid our superficial circumstances may seem to be now, these remain the essential human choices before us in life.  

            Is there a God? This is the crucial question confronting the whole of our race today, as we teeter on the brink of worldwide socio-economic collapse. I can only speak to what I have experienced – in some form, my consciousness progressively passed through a series of symbolic expressions that seemed more real than physical sensory perception, culminating in the entry into a condition of omnipresent, super-radiant white light, accompanied by the emotional experience of an indescribably blissful state of Love and Acceptance, and the impression of the Presence of an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Consciousness existing at the center of all manifestation as the Source of all Love, Light, and Creation. Was this God? Was this the Jungian Self at the center of the Sphere of the Psyche? More to the point, are these essentially the same experiential manifestations of the same root process in human consciousness? I would have to say “Yes” to all of these questions – The Kingdom of Heaven does indeed lie within us, and all around us. We just need to know where and how to look for it...  

            It would appear that the entire mechanism of spiritual recognition is literally encoded in the human subconscious mind – all that we need to know to commune with God is right there, but in symbolic, archetypal form.  Jesus of Nazareth Himself is just such an archetypal symbol, and lives on eternally in human consciousness just as the New Testament says He does, with the full meaning that the Gospels give to Him and the ministry He performed on the Physical Plane while literally incarnate.  His true major archetypal expression can only be found, however, in the Heart, and Heart Chakra, as the pure expression of compassion and selfless service. This is the way the code of Ascension operates – the levels are largely progressive, and the basic tenets of one must be mastered and accepted before the next can be entered. Like the Sephirah Daath, the Heart Chakra, Anahata (or the Heart Sephirah, Tippareth, if one prefers Cabala) is a Ring-Pass-Not in consciousness – try as we will, until the lessons to be learned there are humbly mastered, we can progress no further. This system was established in such a manner as a precaution by the Logos, excluding the negative, contaminating effects of the Lower Planes, by acting much like a sequence of spiritual check valves – only permitting flow of certain kinds in either direction.  In particular, the Lower Astral and Physical Planes represent sources of toxicity, but even the Mental Plane and its Thought Forms are base and fallen conditions in comparison to the level of the Heart Chakra, and the self-sacrifice and selfless love required for the attainment of this state of compassionate perception. And beyond this are three more even higher, more refined levels of expression, culminating with the Logoic Plane. The presence of the baser human motivations and perceptions simply cannot exist on the Higher Planes, and will hold us in the Lower ones until we release the Karma associated with them. 

            Let us begin the illumination of the Logoic Plane. Although the Self of the Sphere of the Psyche is represented as a unitary, undifferentiated dark spheroid at the center of the Psyche, in at least three other corresponding paradigms of conscious expression – Cabala, Yoga, and Christianity – the Logos is conceptualized as a Trinity of form.  In Cabala, this is enumerated as Kether, Chokma, and Binah, the Crown of Divine Consciousness, and Its Male and Female primary potencies, respectively – and collectively referred to as The Supernal Triangle. In Yoga, this Trinity is expressed as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, the Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer aspects of God. In Christianity, we have the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, or the Male Creator, the Created, and Uncreated forms of God. Both Cabala and Yoga also have a Pre-Created condition, known as the Ain-Soph-Aur, or Negative Limitless Light in Cabala, and simply as the Brahman, the all-pervasive essence of God (that permeates everything, but is not solely present as anything) in Yoga.  In both Cabala and Yoga, this Unexpressed Essence of God is conceived of as being the pre-manifest Form of God that subsequently appears in manifestation as the Creator Aspect of Divinity.   

            The Unexpressed Essence of the Logos is analogous to the symbolic Portal of Chaos mentioned elsewhere in these essays, and to the literal condition of chaos in science and mathematics – a region of such extreme randomness and disorder that nothing can be known about it, or beyond it, other than the fact that it exists. Yet, chaos theory has been able to probe this intractable condition to a surprising extent – yielding information on bifurcation (breakdown patterns in orderly systems), perturbation (fluctuations within the chaotic condition), and, most importantly, strange attractors, the pre-manifest foci of probabilities of occurrence concealed beyond the chaotic boundary.  The strange attractor represents a tendency for an event to manifest out of the chaotic condition into concrete expression on the Physical, and other, Planes. The Jungian archetypes are all just such strange attractors – their nature cannot be known (since they lie beyond the threshold of observation), but their existence can be inferred from the archetypal symbols they produce in observable consciousness. If one studies these archetypes extensively, an enormous and complex hierarchy of symbolic forms and relationships emerges, one that is supremely organized and appears to develop from one primary form – the Jungian Primal Self at the center of the Sphere of the Psyche. Although Jung did not venture to significantly elaborate on this structure, I would defy anyone to say anything other than that it is an expression of Divinity and Divine Manifestation occurring in human consciousness. To this extent, even science has arrived at the need for, and evidence of, a pre-created, chaotic condition manifesting an orderly Creation.  

            Continuing to work with the scientific paradigm, what we have thus far is an unmanifest, or pre-created, or chaotic condition that apparently contains a vast, orderly network of undefined generative elements (strange attractors) that tend to materialize defined manifest elements from the chaotic threshold onto the Planes of Ascension that we then perceive as realities.  No better example of the creative process exists to my knowledge, and this process has a Creator as its point of origin, albeit beyond the threshold of direct observation. However, when enough meditation, and esoteric study of primal chaos, has been completed by the Initiate, the Divine archetype will have come clearly into conception as the Divine archetypal symbol in human consciousness.  At this point, we have attained the symbolic image of the Creator, even if that Image is still rooted beyond the boundary of chaos in the undefined Brahman, or Ain-Soph-Aur, or Holy Ghost, or Primal Self. 

             This Creator symbol then differentiates in almost all systems into either a Primary Male symbol, Primary Female symbol, or both. Patriarchal cultures tend to emphasize the Male aspect, and Matriarchal cultures, the Female, and a few traditions even emphasize the Androgynous  aspect of the Creator Energy, but, in most cases, sexual differentiation with a preferred gendered aspect is the norm.  I personally prefer the Cabalist Supernal Triangle, because it affords the Initiate three gendered Paths of Ascension – Kether is the peak of the Path on the Middle Pillar of Mildness, Chokma on the Pillar of Mercy, and Binah on the Pillar of Severity. If we then transpose the terms Male/Extroversion for Severity, Female/Introversion for Mercy, and, perhaps, Androversion for Mildness, we have a reasonably clear idea of the psychological valences of the Three Pillars in human consciousness. It is noteworthy here that in none of the three cases is one absolved of the need to forsake the residue of the ego prior to passing through the Sepnirah Daath on the Monadic Plane, in fact, as behavioral metatrends, extroversion, introversion, and heteroversion represent one of the most deeply ingrained egoic valences – the primary personal modes of filtering experience. This is why the Abyss of Ignorance spans the entire width of the Tree of Life – Daath must be reckoned with on all three Pillars, and this is why full Ascension is so rare for the human consciousness. The most accurate depiction of the Pillars would show them terminating at the Abyss of Ignorance, rather than continuing directly into Binah, Kether, and Chokma, but this is the portrayal the Hebrew patriarchs of old preferred. One is reminded of the secrecy of the original Cabalist and Rabbinical doctrines.  

            Considering the great challenge to the human mind (and the fleshly brain that, at least in part, supports the operation of that mind) posed by the attempt of envisioning the Presence of the Logos, it is no wonder that there is a fair amount of confusion regarding the specific nature of the Divine Precept. Even the Trinity is subject to this quandary.  The Christian Holy Spirit would seem to be most analogous to the Cabalist Ain-Soph-Aur, or the Hindu Brahman, as the Unexpressed Divine Essence, and the Father is an evident Creator form, but Christianity places the foremost spiritual emphasis on the Son – Jesus of Nazareth – the founding prophet of the Faith, and it’s most human representation.  Hinduism features a Creator-Preserver-Destroyer cyclical manifestation of the Logos – with Shiva, the Destroyer, as the most human representation – and this cycle essentially continues through these three phases forever. Cabala places Kether at the peak of the Supernal Triangle, as the First Sephirah, and the Divine Creative Action, with the male and female secondary and tertiary forms of that Action seen as Chokma and Binah, respectively. Here, the Act of Creation is paradoxically expressed as the highest union of Tantric opposites, although Cabala has no conception of Tantra, Kundalini, or libido, per se, again, a most confusing state of affairs. However, the continued attempt at spiritual examination does shed some light in this area.  

            It is quite probable that the Christian divergence into the Father-Son-Holy Spirit representation of the Logos is a reflection of the patriarchal structure of Western culture that was incontestably the case then, and is still the trend now, the advances of feminism notwithstanding. Certainly, the Roman Catholic Church was an utterly patriarchal organization, and this social entity literally gave us all that we know of Christ and His life over the first millennium of its existence.  Under these circumstances, the conversion of the original Cabalist structure of the Creative Action of Kether diverging into first a Male expression in Chokma, and then a Female one in Binah, into an exclusively Male Trinity is understandable, if perhaps lamentable from the perspective of teleological accuracy.  Christianity tends to be obsessed with the image of Woman, i.e. the female nature, as the Seductive Temptress who lures Man, i.e. the male nature, away from God and toward physical pleasure and eventual moral failure.  In fact, the male nature is hormonally predisposed to seek women as sources of sexual gratification first, and relational partnering thereafter, while the female nature is predisposed to seek men as sources of family life and provision for the family first, and as sources of sexual gratification thereafter.  Clearly, there is an inherent conflict present in these two predispositions, and one which must be resolved at the level of the Supernal Triangle, but, of the two, it is the female nature that is most naturally in line with the Manifestation of the Logos, not the male nature.  I am quite sure that this is at least one of the reasons why the Brahman is conceived of as inherently female in Hinduism, even though the Godhead is represented by the three male entities of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.  

            I wish to give additional attention to the Christian patriarchal tradition at this time, not so much because of its teleological structure, but because of its symbolic significance. The essence of Christianity is seen in the Crucifixion, the Sign of the new Covenant between God and humanity. Through the sacrifice of His Son on the Cross, the male image of God “signed” this Covenant in His own blood. We as human beings can “sign” the same Covenant through Baptism in the Christian tradition, acceptance of Christian moral theory at Catechism or Confirmation, and then pledging support of Christian principles of living thereafter, as focused in the Sacrament. In this rite, the symbolic Blood of Christ is imbibed as Communion wine, along with the ingestion of His symbolic Body, represented by Communion Bread, or Wafers – and this Sacrament can only be given to those Baptized in the Christian tradition. All of this boils down to the symbolic image of the Blood of Christ. This “blood” is symbolically represented in the Baptism rite as the water in the Baptismal font, and the Communion wine of the Sacrament, and is held to wash away the original sin of the flesh (i.e. temptation to carnal pleasures) through the power of the Crucifixion, in reality a human blood sacrifice.   

            The blood sacrifice is probably the oldest human rite, dating back to the prehistoric hunter-gatherer economies of isolated proto-hominid clans. Bloodshed was the common and inevitable consequence of a successful hunt, and is keyed into the animal conscious recognition matrix of primary neurological response modes that has existed and evolved over the billions of years of animal existence.  Thus, Blood, and the image of Blood, is the Root Archetype of all zoological consciousness.  At some point in human evolution, our distant ancestors must have presumed that the gift of a blood sacrifice to the God of the Hunt before, and after a particularly successful, hunt was a possible means of communicating with that Deity regarding our needs, wants, and wishes on the Physical Plane. This may or may not nave been accompanied by the subsequent burning of the desanguinated carcass – the burnt offering that completed the communication process by sending the essence of the sacrificial object back to the Etheric Realm in smoke and fire, leaving only ashes behind that could then be processed as was deemed appropriate by the clan elders. 

            The ultimate blood sacrifice was one that entailed a human subject, and such rites became lamentably common in history as civilization entered its agricultural, and proto-pagan, phase. Both child and adult blood and burnt sacrifices were common in ancient Egypt, Samaria, Assyria, and Babylon, to name but a few of the original proto-pagan societies. Even the ancient Hebrews practiced such sacrifices, but ceased the practice with the Enlightenment of Abraham, who spared his son as a result of a Vision of an Angel of Light who “communicated” to him that his willingness to sacrifice his son as an act of devotion was more important in the eyes of God than the act itself.  What we see here is one of the first historical examples of the shift in perception away from the literal and toward the symbolic essence of communication, and the birth of the concept of God as a symbolic form that transcends physical form and social requirements.  

            The great power of Christianity resides in its use of the symbols of the Crucifixion and the Blood of Christ as the foundation of a new relationship with God – the New Covenant – wherein the most ancient sign of life on Earth, blood, is connected to the most Ascended manifestation of the Logos, Love, through a human image of sacrifice.  In this way, the “blood” of the Baptismal Font, and the Communion wine, acquires the spiritual potency to not only nourish the body, but preserve it from physical and moral harm by linking the spiritual essence of that body – the Soul – with God as its Source, through the symbolic sacrifice of the Crucifixion – customarily reduced to its most basic expression, the Cross.  I have personally meditated beneath crosses of several kinds, and have been amazed at the power of this simple structure to draw in Divine Light and channel it into the Earth – it was as if a great River of Love and Light was flowing into me and through me. Indeed, the Kingdom of Heaven was within me, and all around me, in direct perception at those times of meditation. For this reason, I must affirm that the Blood of Christ, symbolizing the Consciousness of Christ, is the single most powerful spiritual image of them all – the Primary Archetype of Primary Archetypes – beyond human consciousness itself, and a direct Path of communication and Communion with the Logos in pure symbolic form that transcends mere human words and deeds.  When this Covenant is expressed as ministry on the Physical Plane across time, we can see its power in the present day by virtue of its primary symbol of the Cross represented everywhere on Earth.  Such is the power of sacrifice in consciousness!  

            Is the potency of the Cross as an image of male sacrifice related to the male portrayal of the Trinity in Christianity?  In the other two systems considered here, Cabala and Yoga, the supposed Female element of the Trinity is either specifically indicated (Cabala and Binah), or fundamentally stipulated (Yoga and Tantra, Kundalini, and the Brahman). Would a female Christ figure, e.g. Joan of Arc, have been an equally potent, or even more potent, image?  I suspect that the Ascension process, driven as it is by some variant of the Kundalini energy, is possibly more readily activated in the male organism by virtue of the influence of testosterone, the primary male sex hormone.  This hormone is well known for fomenting aggressive masculine behavior of all kinds, and when the male sex drive associated with it is turned inward in the quest for Ascension, a very powerful force is created. By comparison, estrogen, the  primary female sex hormone, is much less likely to produce outwardly aggressive behavioral expressions, and more oriented towards the production of nurturing behavior and emotional guidance and expression. Women can certainly seek and attain Ascension in the Spirit if they are so inclined, but testosterone biases the organism toward this activity, and the aggressive seeking and developing of resources in general, whether spiritual or otherwise.  

            The blood is infused with testosterone in male individuals, and I believe that herein lies a very subtle, and quite probably subconscious, rational for supposing that such blood is inherently more “potent” spiritually than female blood.  Prior to the hunt in ancient times, a male animal was sacrificed in be belief that the associated blood, which was frequently ingested by the hunters to symbolically boost their proficiency, was maximally imbued with spiritual power.  If a sacrifice of purity was desired (a much later human development) an immature animal was chosen – one that had not yet begun to experience hormonal secretions in the blood.  Adult female animals were rarely sacrificed in any of the ancient rites. Assuming that Christ was what He is portrayed to be in Christianity – the literal Son of the Father God – He would have been inherently fully Ascended, and His blood would have been of the maximal spiritual power and potency as essentially the Blood of God – the Omnipotent Consciousness of Creation. It is significant that in all three of the traditions used as examples here, the Creator Aspect of God is a male form, regardless of the cultural origin of the tradition. This can be linked to the subconscious perception of testosterone as a driver of the creative spiritual potency active in Ascension. We must remember that, on the Physical Plane, the blood is the most direct symbol of the essence of the organism, not the Soul, which is a purely spiritual form. The powerful psychological linkage of blood sacrifice, Christ, the Soul, and God accomplished by the Christian Covenant has no symbolic rival anywhere to my knowledge, with the possible exception of the Arc of the First Covenant given to Moses by Yahweh, in the form of the Ten Commandments. I believe that it is this underlying perception associated with the Male Expression of the Logos that has accounted for the tremendous growth of Christianity and other patriarchal faiths throughout history. 

            What is common to all of the Trinitarian divisions of God is the concept of Divine roles of manifestation, and these are all archetypal considerations.  Creator, Father, Son, Mother, Preserver, and Destroyer are all primary archetypes of the Jungian Collective Unconscious region on the Sphere of the Psyche, and I believe that these first radiate forth from the unitary Self as expressions of three. Even the Monad is a collection of four sets of three Souls, equaling twelve, and when the constituent numerals composing twelve – one and two – are added together, the result is again three. The three-sided triangle is the most inherently stable geometric form, something the builders of old clearly appreciated as evidenced in the Egyptian Pyramids – again, structures having four faces of three sides each. These structures have proven to be the most durable in history, indefinitely outlasting the ravages of time. 

            For the sake of scientific accuracy and perceptual clarity, and out of deference to my personal Ascension experiences, I am going to propose an essential formula of Divine Consciousness now.  Admittedly, this is primarily a reflection of my own experiences, but those experiences have numerous parallels with history’s accounting of many other individuals who have successfully sought and attained full Ascension. And rather than confine myself to an interpretive, subjective quasi-spiritual tradition, I will work as much as possible with the Jungian psychological, scientific paradigm.  

            The root of human consciousness is emotional, not intellectual, and the emotions manifest out of the physicality of the body. That body is what we all know we have in common as the anchor of our experience of reality, regardless of how we may personally perceive that reality.  For this reason, I am going to postulate the first Ascended Perception of the Jungian Self as the emotional state of Unconditional Love and Acceptance. In a word, God Is Love on the most humanly relevant level. Because Divine Love is a feeling state, it has no dimensionality or location per se with regard to the Psyche – it is simply portrayed as the dark sphere of the Self within the Psyche at its center. Associated with this emotional manifestation of Love are two additional manifestations that do have exigent presence – Light, the second Ascended Perception of the Self, and Creation, the third.  In addition to the Divine Presence of Love, I also perceived the Divine Light as God’s primary external manifestation – an omnipresent field of intense, super-radiant White light that was directly experienced.  I believe that this field of Light is the primary expression of both God’s omniscience and Creative Impulse, which then descends down through the subsequent Planes of Ascension in the more diffuse forms of successive manifestations, after initially emerging as the twelve Soul families of the multitude of Monads on the Monadic Plane. 

            The Essence of God, corresponding to the Hindu Brahman, is the omnipresent vibrational resonance of the Psyche and all its contents, a pulsation occurring beyond space, time, dimensionality, and the Self, and yet within all of these. The Divine Essence encompasses the entire Sphere of the Psyche, and all that is premanifest beyond that Sphere – essentially simultaneously present everywhere and nowhere at the same time, forever.  Vibration implies movement and flow – so Eternal Movement is another aspect of God’s Essence – the Omnipresent Nonexistence and simultaneous Eternal Movement interact to form the First Motive Principal, and generate the Kundalini Energy as the driver of all subsequent expression. This Trinitarian condition represents the primordial state of existence preceding the Creation of the Universe, the potentiality of God in pre-manifest form. From this potentiality, God emerges as the proto-Being of Love, assumes the Form of Light, and issues forth Creation.  The state of Non-Dual Awareness that is the perceptible Divine Essence can be experienced as Buddhist Satori in deep meditation, and the state of Divine Love experienced as Tantric Samadhi and Ananda – Sacred Bliss. The combination of these two states yields Inner Peace within the Self – the ultimate goal of the Ascension process, and one that transcends the inherent turbulence of Creation. This is a primarily logical, scientific explanation of the existence and action of the Self as the driver of all subsequent events in the Psyche, and is offered here as the theoretical foundation of the Ascension Experiment. 

            So it would appear that even the pre-manifest chaos of the Divine Essence is replete with potency and form, a potency that first expresses Love, then Light, and finally Creation as the Active Trinity of the Self.  In the journey of Ascension, we retrace the Action of the Word, of the Logos, from the extreme turbulence of the Physical Plane up through all of the subsequent Planes, and hopefully unto the Monadic level, a perceptual purgatory where we may eventually become spiritually pure enough to travel on to the Logoic Plane. There we may experience the spiritual dynamic of God in whatever Trinitarian Manifestation we may conceive of, or perhaps all of them – and perhaps even numbers of other expressions present within the Divine Precept. And beyond even this state of Being, may be the ultimate expression of the Non-Dual Manifestation, known to Hinduism as the Brahmin, and to Cabala as the AinSophAur, both representations of the ultimate pre-formative Essence of Creation!


                                                                                 - With Love, Alan -

                                                                          (CR2008, Alan Schneider)


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