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..:: The Observer VII / The Light ::..


Alan Schneider


             The latest essay addressed the question of immortality in several of its aspects, but what remains to be considered is the spiritual essence of who we are, what we are, and what God and the manifest universe are, as well.  This final essay in The Observer Series will address these issues of our human consciousness and condition. 

            If the root process of all observation originates in the Jungian Self at the center of the Psyche, and if we create the world through observing it into manifestation as does the Logos which I have equated with that Self – essentially a process of co-creation in partnership with God – then what is the ultimate and final expression of sentient presence in the universe?  What is the universal carrier of observation, information, and intelligence?   I believe this mechanism, which serves as the essence of all expression, is radiant energy – predominantly visible light.  

            The Solar Philosopher Omraam – Mikhael Aivanhov – maintained in one of his many books, Light is a Living Spirit,  that light was the essence of Creation.  In this case, he was referring to the visible light spectrum, and postulated in that work that the seven prismatic colors that compose visible light are the symbol of man, and human consciousness thereby.   If we take this analogy a step further, extending the definition of light to include the full radiant energy spectrum known to modern science,  a number of fascinating possibilities emerge into our observational field.  

            In a previous series of essays, entitled Evidence I, II, and III,  I noted the curious behavior of a small radio frequency signal detector, in that it seemed to consistently register that type of signal emitting from the human body at, or very near, the Astral locations of the Chakras, and suggested that it had a secondary application as a Kundalini detector, frequently noting the incredible responses of my friend Jenna, a very high spiritual person.  Radio frequency emissions are a part of the radiant energy spectrum, occurring at lower frequencies and longer wave lengths than visible light.  I suggested in these essays that the possibility existed that the detector may have been registering in the infrared (thermal) emission region, immediately below the radio frequency bandwidths, in response to increases of heat emission from the physical endocrine glands known to be associated on the Physical Plane with the Chakras located in the Astral Body on the Astral Plane.  This increase in glandular heat emission was presumably associated with enhanced Kundalini activity in the Chakras, and “measured” by the detector.   I suspect that Omraam was essentially correct in his assertions about light energy, with the caveat that he did not take the principle far enough to include the entire radiant energy spectrum as the Divine propagation system.   

            In my own experience, when I gazed out over the surface of the lake outside my window on that Christmas morning, so temporally long ago, but still etched into my consciousness with crystal clarity today,  I seemed to experience a series of progressively deeper altered states of awareness, in increasing luminous intensity,  culminating in the vision of the Divine Lotus – the Chakra Sahasrara – brilliantly observed as a radiant structure in my consciousness. I believe now that such information, indeed all information, is encoded in visible light transmissions originating locally at the Sun, and only requires the attainment of sufficient levels of perception beyond those of the senses and ego on the Physical Plane to be literally observed as archetypal symbols manifest in the total Psyche of human experience.   Light and heat are two forms of radiant energy that the human organism is well-equipped to detect on the Physical Plane, and evidently are linked to vast storehouses of extended information once the psychic deathtrap of the ego is overcome.   We apparently do not need to resort to active imagination or fantasies to know the archetypal symbols – they can be directly observed in deep meditation in broad daylight through the correct spiritual methodology.  Omraam called this method Sun Gazing, or Solar Meditation, and has developed an extensive retinue of applications using it to attain higher states of perception.  

            I have suggested a number of possible approaches to this method myself, including the use of sufficiently bright artificial, and also natural, light sources viewed in reflection in a tray of agitated water to achieve attenuation (reduction in intensity) of the light emitted from this type of source, thus rendering it comfortably viewable by the observer for extended periods of time without risk of ocular damage.   Omraam suggests gazing at the Sun at sunrise and sunset, through dark glasses or using the closed fingers of one hand as an optical grating, but this is, in my mind, is too restrictive to be useful as an extended observational modality – one needs to saturate the optical cortex of the brain with neural input as I did to achieve the maximal effect of the process.   

             The human receptor apparatus unfortunately does not register adequately in the shorter wave lengths of the radiant energy spectrum beyond visible light – ultraviolet, soft x-ray, hard x-ray, and cosmic rays.  Who knows what information these higher frequency radiant expressions may hold as observational possibilities?  Perhaps human beings will one day evolve to the level that their senses may be capable of registering in these additional regions, but, for now, we must work as efficiently as possible with what we have – predominantly utilizing visible light.  Even this area opens up tantalizing possibilities of observation.  It is quite possible that any visible observation of anything, even the most mundane events, contains the same type of encoded archetypal information that I have observed, if it can be experienced from the correct alternative perspective with effective techniques of altered consciousness such as chanting and meditation.  

            It can be argued that light itself is the fundamental building block of creation.   The activity of almost all radiation detectors, such as the one I have noted in these essays,  depends on the impingement of photons of the radiation in question on an element within the detector that then responds through the release of electrons that can be used eventually (customarily through additional amplification) to activate a display or other output device. The electron is the key subatomic element active in the physical manifestation of form in the universe, both in physics and chemistry – it essentially vibrates at a lower frequency than does the photon, which accounts for the emission of residual trace radiation from most detectors, customarily gamma rays that vanish as soon as they are released from the detection reaction.   If light is both the message and the messenger of Creation, eventually assuming the  dense form of matter under conducive circumstances,  then it is also the key factor in observation and consciousness,  enabling both, and expressing both on all levels, including the archetypes, archetypal symbols, and the Self.  In this sense, light is the Soul of the universe, and a key to the comprehension of immortality.  

            If we observe the world in the context of the Physical Plane of Expression, we can literally only see what is reflected from the multitude of surfaces present there – the radiant energy source, the Sun, is flooding the Solar system with much radiation, some of it very harmful, and the volume of even the relatively benign visible light is far too intense to observe for more than an instant without ocular damage.   Science tells us that the physical nature of the Sun is that of an enhanced thermonuclear reaction – an enormous fusion bomb floating in space utilizing an extended, but presumably not inexhaustible, fuel source of gigatons of internally compressed hydrogen.   This is the Sun’s material nature, but, what is its spiritual nature?   

            The application of Chaos Theory can perhaps once again yield some promising insights regarding this question.   The interior of the Sun cannot, of course, be directly observed – all that we have scientifically concluded regarding its nature is the result of indirect measurement and inference based upon its surface characteristics.   This makes the interior of the Sun an ideal Chaotic threshold phenomenon, existing beyond the capability of direct observation, but evidently containing something, based upon its external behavior.   As we have noted in these essays, the somethings of Chaos Theory are the strange attractors, and if we set aside the surface science of physics for a moment and shift our perspective to the intuitive science of metaphysics, we can address this matter in an entirely different complexion.  It is within the field of metaphysics that the considerations of the observer, perception, and consciousness attain their greatest significance, both as psychological and spiritual phenomena.   What might be the nature of the Solar strange attractors, given this argument?  What might be the variety of their manifestation as they emerge into observational focus as radiant energy?  What does the light hold forth when observed through the spiritual lens?  

            The Russian mystic Omraam clearly felt that light was the embodiment of all spiritual manifestation, and I tend to agree with him.   In the sense of Chaos science, the spiritual nature of the Sun is Universal Manifestation – literally every archetypal symbol is implicitly present in visible light, remaining only to be segregated by human observers into the forms experienced on the Physical Plane as “reality”.   The Sun and the Self are functionally equivalent expressions of the same principle active externally in the first case, and internally in the second.   As the origin and driver of all manifestation in the solar system, the Sun created human consciousness featuring an internal reflection of its action in the form of the Self – of this there can be no doubt.  We are the conscious culmination of evolution on Earth, and probably in the solar system.   The remaining question is this – what is the common principal behind the Sun, the Light, and the Psyche?  

            If everything can be conceived of as a derivation of radiant energy, then so ultimately must the human body and sensory apparatus be.  We ourselves are composed of modified light waves in the physical sense, and electrical waves in the psychological sense of neural impulses in the brain – the former comprising physical manifestation, and the latter mental manifestation, occurring in the physical form of the brain.  Referring once more to my Christmas vision, the final observation that took place was comprised of three phases – an intense field of omnipresent white light, an emotional sensation of pure, unconditional love, and a general perception of a universal Presence causally associated with both.   The Light of this experience was directly observable, and seemed to be occurring within my visual perception, while the Love was felt on an emotional level, but not tangibly perceived.   I cannot say on what level of perception or observation the Presence was experienced, but I have since become convinced that this was the Jungian Self of the Psyche.   Once again, what do all of these have in common – Light, Love, the Self, and Psyche?  

            Einstein was working at the time of his death on what he had conceived of as a consummative theory of existence – the Unified Field Theory – a scientific, mathematically verifiable explanation of all levels of physical manifestation and related activity in the universe.  This work was never completed, although a few portions of it have been conditionally verified through scientific experimentation.   This work has been additionally expanded to so-called “Theories of Everything” in modern physics, including M-theory eleven-dimensional cosmic string theory, and several others with quantum state applications.   Although based for the most part on sound scientific and mathematical foundations, these theories remain inferential, as opposed to experiential – they rest upon what is calculated, not what is directly observed.  I know that I can see light, feel love, and perceive the Self and Psyche through meditation – they can all be directly known in my experience, this is the difference between the two modes.  

            All forces of any kind in the universe, including psychological ones (perhaps particularly psychological ones) proceed from a prior condition of motivation.  The motivators of physics acting on the Physical Plane are gravity, electromagnetism, and nuclear force.  The motivators of psychology are instinct, libido, and archetypes (including the Self), all also acting on the Physical Plane, and arguably on the Astral Plane.  The motivators of spirituality are the Kundalini, the Soul, and the Logos, conceptually manifest on the sequence of Planes extending from the Astral, through the Mental, Buddhic, Atmic, and Logoic.  The predominant form of electromagnetism is radiant energy – expressed as quantum photonic and associated wave field manifestation, including visible light.  The predominant archetypal symbol is the Self.  Both are chaotic threshold phenomena – as yet irreducible to any other more fundamental form.  

            The physical universe is bound together by gravitational forces – whatever the nature of material is, at that level of manifestation it displays a mutual attraction to itself, where energy – electromagnetism – does not.   In other words, when the stuff of existence slows down, it wants to stick together, and when it speeds up, it wants to fly apart.   When it flies apart vigorously enough, it becomes radiant energy.   Gravity is related to electromagnetism – the enormous mass of unobservable stuff inside the Sun gravitationally sticking together so powerfully generates the radiant electromagnetic emission at its surface.   Thus, we can tentatively say that gravity generates all of the other fundamental forces, including the expression of visible light, which ultimately produced the Self here on Earth through evolution.  Why, then, do things tend to adhere to each other at the vibrational velocities of material form? How is this to be understood?  

              What if the original turbulence at the instant of Creation was Love, albeit occurring in a form, and on a level, far removed from conventional human perception as it occurs on the Physical Plane?   What if the force of gravitation is the Universal Love of Creation that I felt in Samadhi, manifest in physical expression on the Physical Plane of observation?   This possibility, this theory, offers an explanation of existence that cannot be had through science alone, because science alone is not the whole of human experience – the Psyche is – this is why no strictly scientific explanation of existence will ever be complete.  I believe that Universal Love is the driver of all manifestation, both internally and externally – in a word, God is Love is the ultimate Mantra of the Truth knowable and expressible – this is the final common denominator of existence.  

            Beyond Universal Love, there remains the Self, expressed as the Presence, unobservable in any other terms, and the Source of All – the prima materia of all existence and the Prime Observer as well.  The Self is the ultimate source of all observation and all observers  – of  the total observational  possibility, originating from Itself as Itself, and subsequently cascading down through the perceptual sequence of the Chakras as the Buddha Mind, the Soul, the Thought Form, the Astral Form, and finally the ego on the Physical Plane of observation.  This is the ultimate Truth of Consciousness – God is Love, expressed as God interacting with God resulting in God, or perhaps the Self interacting with the Self resulting in the Self, if you wish – the two statements are tantamount to each other.   If we can contact and sustain observation at the level of the Self, Love, and Light, we have attained the state of immortality by experiencing Unity with the Divine Being, the ultimate goal of human existence and evolution.  Thereafter, the condition of incarnation becomes much less intimidating for the observer!  

            This completes The Observer Series of essays.   I have tried herein to do what possibly cannot be done – give a written account of all of the possibilities of experience of which the human being is capable, up to and including a suggestion of the experience of immortality and how this might be known in the total observational field of the Psyche.   The Psyche itself exists beyond the realm of observation on the Physical Plane, extending far into dimensions of experience that transcend the body and senses, and is itself immortal for that reason alone.  Physical existence as we know it is only one mode of perception of many more that are possible, although it is a very insistent one that often demands our attention.  Always know this: who looks without sleeps, while who looks within awakens – follow your Heart...


                                                                             - With Love, Alan -

                                                          (Copyright 2009, by Alan Schneider)


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