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..:: Liberation IV / The Self ::..


Alan Schneider


             Our condition and its many apparent inequities can best be understood by attempting to conceive of our circumstances from the highest perspective of the Self at the center of the human Psyche and consciousness.   This essay will attempt to do just that – examine our condition through a minimum of the Divine Vision of the Sixth Chakra, Ajna, the All Seeing Eye of the Logos, and possibly from the perspective of the Logos and the Self present in the Seventh Chakra, Sahasrara as well.  

            Imagine, if you will, that your finite little perspective situated in the physical senses on the material plane has been somehow magically transported to a level of such supernatural height that you are no longer held in any mortal constraint whatsoever – you are a free being of pure light at liberty to roam not only the physical universe, but any other alternate state of manifestation available.   Your consciousness has become omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent – there is literally no other form in manifestation but yours, and the variations that you select.   In fact, there is nothing actual but yourself, and the primordial state of chaotic pre-manifestation from which you emerged into expression – an unknown and unknowable essence of nothing that is the universal potential of everything.  

            You are pure Love, pure Light, and pure Being in this blissful place.  You express your existence by simply radiating forth your essence as that Love, Light, and Presence throughout the totality of manifestation, and, since you are the totality of manifestation, you simply pulsate with your own inner condition of bliss.   All is at peace and in perfect harmony and balance.   Yet, within this condition, the possibilities of disharmony, discord, and imperfection also exist, because all of this amounts to the essence of the misunderstanding of the Truth that you are, and misunderstanding embodies the further possibility of ongoing growth and learning – and your essence is, after all, dynamic and ever-changing, ever-growing, ever-developing in subtlety and expression.  Thus, for there to be growth and increase, there must be an immature condition – an unenlightened state of being – as well, one from which endless increase in awareness is possible.  This imperfect condition cannot possibly exist in your vicinity, so you manifest it in an entirely different dimension – a different continuum of expression – that is insulated from yourself, yet accessible to your influence.   This is the universe that we human beings perceive in the physical senses as the “real” one that objectively exists – that is, exists as the assemblage of dissociated objects we come to know as “life”!  

            So it is that imperfection is the hallmark of human effort – do what we will, and trim and polish and shine, we can never really efface the flaws of this life – we simply make them less apparent to observation.  It is from this posture of the imperfect that we manifest the infinite potential to learn and grow in every way, thus fulfilling our place in the cosmic manifestation of the Self.  As we stumble through this existence, the experience of our senses vibrates up through the sequence of the Lower Chakras of perception to Anahata, the Heart Chakra, and center of compassionate consciousness, and the Seat of the Soul, resonating there and producing Enlightenment.  This steadily increases the coefficient of Light within the Soul, converting the Karma of physical limitation into the Dharma of Divine Love and Grace in the process.   This is what the Self “sees” from the Divine Perspective – the Soul, really an aspect of Its own sacred Love, shinning ever brighter as it increases in perfection as the vehicle of that Love spiritually adjoining the mind.  The first three Chakras only exist to support the physical vehicle (the body) during its temporary journey through the material illusion, as the vibrations of that illusion – that Maya – continuously work on the Soul to deliver it ultimately to liberation in the Self as the Self.            

            Sometimes the simplest things in life express the most profound truths.  This is most certainly the case with the ages old observation that “God Is Love”.   Now, It can be very difficult at times to understand this Love from the human vantage point.   You made me mortal and vulnerable.  This is Love?  You populated the Earth with all manner of dangerous and pernicious predators (human and otherwise).  This is Love?   You placed all of us in corruptible bodies that are doomed to suffer for the duration.   This is Love?  You created prejudice, hatred, loneliness, fear, and jealousy.  This is Love?   Well, my friends, the Truth is Yes – all of these are the negative possibilities of living, and without them life’s positives are meaningless – it is the gift of this polarity that is Divine Love expressed on almost the most subtle level, if one very hard to accept and understand.  I say almost the most subtle level, because the Self lies beyond all duality at the deepest level of meaning and expression – literally the source of all outpouring of Love in the act of the Creation of the polar duality that establishes the necessary conditions for all else that is to follow.   Thus, God really Is Love, and this life really is the result of the Gift of that Love manifest in physical form and function.   I say Halleluiah, Praise, and Namaste be given in Thy Name!   

            As sentient beings, we can choose to direct that sentience wherever we wish (or perhaps wherever our Karma will allow us to) as we transition through this existence – we can dwell on the negatives, become materialistic (and thus be deceived and deluded), be appalled, be confused, be amazed, be delighted, become Seekers after the Truth in all its eternally changing forms, and strive toward the Self and Self Realization, amid a myriad of other possibilities.   This is perhaps the greatest (and most hidden) aspect of the intrinsic liberation of the Self – even here on this physical level of apparent fragments, the endless variety of experience available creates the utmost freedom for the spirit dwelling within the flesh – we simply need to become aware of that possibility as we perform the most ancient rites of the daily battle of living.   Why not focus on the freedom, and the possibility of freedom, afforded by our condition?    Why not take the bold step of envisioning existence from the Divine perspective of Ajna, Sahasrara, and the Self?   These are just as valid, indeed, much more valid, than the fear, anger, and depression that currently plague humanity, and so much more uplifting and hopeful.   When we are confronted with life’s negatives and travail, we can learn to understand that these are hidden opportunities to look and reach higher, beyond our limited sense perspectives to the Divine Grace that is always there to be known.   It is just necessary to avoid captivation with the objects of physical existence, lest they blind us to the hidden Grace and Glory eternally present beyond their little material manifestations. 


                                                                                   - With Love, Alan -

                                                                 (Copyright 2009, by Alan Schneider)


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