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        Alan Schneider       

         Diviner's Resume         


           Hello, I am Alan Schneider, and I am a practitioner of Runic Divination from the perspective of Universal Consciousness. This technique features the use of a preliminary meditation intended to clarify questions for the reading, and an incantation pronounced when the Runes are drawn or tossed. The reading is then interpreted using the generally accepted meanings seen in Runic divination, augmented by the philosophy of Universal Consciousness.            

             What is Universal Consciousness? This question can be answered by a look at the art of divination itself. Divination is the act of understanding and predicting events based on the interpretation of apparently random occurrences, using the knowledge of hidden patterns in the world around us. This knowledge is frequently considered to be of supernatural origin, with the influences demonstrated ranging in character from basic nature entities to the Supreme Godhead.  

            Divination was originally practiced by people in ancient cultures who had the “calling”, or inner attraction to the spirit world. These people evolved with human culture into shaman and priest figures, who conducted oracular actions to know the will of the spirits regarding various questions and matters of concern. This is the original form of Universal Consciousness Divination: an enquiry made to bring one closer to a powerful spiritual source and obtain guidance and direction. 

            The universe can and should be thought of as an orderly, intelligent, and conscious state of being, an Awareness, of which each individual human awareness is a part. In this sense, the physical universe becomes a Universal Mind or Consciousness, engaged in what the Hindu religion calls the Cosmic Dance, an eternal manifestation of deep involvement occurring on every plane everywhere. The Universal Mind is the ultimate source of all knowing and all being, including our human knowing and being.  

            The Universal Consciousness demonstrates a significant element of collective manifestation. This manifestation is expressed on the level of archetypes and archetypal symbols. The well known Major Arcane of the Tarot system are also archetypal symbols of the various estates and stages of life, as are the Runic glyphs. That which is collective is shared among us at the deepest level of expression. So it is that we all participate in the process of Universal Consciousness.                                                           

            Because the totality of knowing includes free will, we can choose to see ourselves from this cosmic perspective, or from the simple material perspective, or any other, but the repeated practice of spirituality always tends to reveal the subtle and majestic order which underlies all superficial events. Universal Consciousness occurs as we move in the direction of the totality of existence, and become more and more aware of who and what we are in this infinite, eternal expression. This process is the ultimate reason why we are here in physical manifestation. 

            My psychic practice is tuned directly to the Universal Consciousness as the spiritual inspiration of the work done.  The concerns of the reading, and the greatest spiritual good to be done regarding those concerns, will always be revealed, although they are not always the  information the client was originally looking for. All of life’s difficulties are caused by living in spiritual impoverishment, and cured by developing spiritual awareness. This form of living is far more powerful and effective than even the most intricate human mental design.  

- Namaste! -