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 Alan Schneider


             Ascension is a heightened state of awareness characterized by

             the presence of symbolic spiritually significant visions, auditory or other

             perceptions, verbal manifestations, and marked shifts in overall perception,

             all of which tend to emerge in more or less distinct stages of manifestation,

             cognitive significance, and psychological intensity.


            The operant term in use here is spiritually significant.  The Ascension experience is markedly more focused and intensive than the spectrum of differential perceptions consistent with normal waking consciousness. These include so-called day dreams or casual waking fantasies, open or focused cognition (i.e. thought-oriented perception), emotional states (e.g. love, fear, anger, confusion, joy, etc.), and general mood states (e.g. curiosity, boredom, apathy, etc.).  The content of Ascension-oriented experiences and perceptions is characterized by archetypal religious symbolism that is customarily accessed through the practice of well-known and documented techniques of attaining altered states of consciousness under controlled conditions, most notably Yoga postures, allied meditation systems from Eastern and Western traditions, the practice of certain lifestyle adaptations, and courses of study conducted in depth in appropriate spiritual traditions, such as Buddhism, Cabala, Native American Shamanism, Sufism, Gnosticism, and Daoism. It is both understood and presumed that the registrant will have some extent of experience in at least some the above specified areas before participating in this experiment, and will demonstrate a willingness to follow the advice and suggestions of the Principal Investigator and experimental group for further experimental involvement.

             I tend to accept the theory that full Ascension can only be granted by the Logos - that is, entry into the Seventh Chakra. We can, if we wish, Ascend to the perceptual level of Ajna on the merits of our personal dedication, sacrifice, and austerity, but at Sahasrara, only the pure, clean, and, most importantly, detached Soul presence can enter. Obviously, what is meant by detached here is detachment from worldly, materialistic expectations of any kind, since they represent ego residue in our consciousness, and thus obstruct the vibration of the Soul from resonating in the Divine Precept of the Logos. In this same vein, clean means free of any lesser states of conscious manifestation, such as fear, anger, confusion, desire, etc. 

            Naturally, the austerities and sacrifices that can be - but are not necessarily - involved in the pursuit of Ascension are very intimidating to the generic human awareness, driven as it is by need state gratification and hedonism as intrinsic motives. I understand this, and have no wish to compel anyone to go any further with the Ascension process than they are voluntarily inclined to, I conceive of this process as being something that I understand particularly well, based on my consciousness, and experience with my own, and the historically recorded,  Ascensions of others. This includes the specific question of austerities. If a given individual wants to undergo an austerity, or group of related austerities, or any extreme sacrifices as contemplated by that individual, these considerations must be weighed very carefully against the desired outcome of Ascension. What if the conditions contemplated involve significant physical or mental harm? What if they cause permanent impairment? What if they are undergone in good faith and still do not result in full, or even partial, Ascension, which can never be regarded as a guaranteed outcome because it ultimately can only be granted by the Logos? And, finally, is it even acceptable to apply personal desire to the prospect of Ascension above all other considerations? Austerities are particularly dangerous and should only be undertaken under the guidance of a qualified medical professional, if at all. My Ascension experience did not take place in the context of austerity practice - it took place in the context of an experimental investigation based solely on meditation as the vehicle. Please be careful - please be patient - things do take time, after all!

                                                                          - Namaste, Alan -