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                                                         Synergy Meditation                                 


Alan Schneider


          The universe can and should be thought of as an orderly, intelligent, and conscious state of being, an Awareness, of which each individual human awareness is a part. In this sense, the physical universe becomes a Synergetic Mind or Consciousness, engaged in what the Hindu religion calls the Cosmic Dance, an eternal manifestation of deep involvement occurring on every plane everywhere. The Synergetic Mind is the ultimate source of all knowing and all being, including our human knowing and being.  

          The Synergetic Mind demonstrates a consciousness having a significant element of collective manifestation. This manifestation is expressed on the level of archetypes and archetypal symbols. The well known Major Arcana of the Tarot system are also archetypal symbols of the various estates and stages of life, as are the Runic glyphs, Hebrew letters, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and Sanskrit characters, to name but a few of the many archetypal symbol systems.  That which is collective is shared among us at the deepest level of expression. So it is that we all participate either knowingly or unconsciously in the process of the extended consciousness of the Synergetic Mind. 

            Meditation is one of the most effective ways to begin accessing the Synergetic Mind and Consciousness. Meditation is also the psychological “royal road” to relaxation, health, and enhanced self awareness. This single area of activity, when practiced with regularity for even a few minutes a day, will eventually correct virtually every imbalance in ones personal existence. This is achieved by establishing a sensory disconnect with the frequently self defeating daily mental and literal routines practiced in our lives, while simultaneously turning attention inward toward the hidden conscious states that determine the awareness of every human mind, and of the Universal Mind which creates all knowing and being. 

            The most frequently used posture for meditating is the cross legged Lotus position seen in many Eastern religious systems, This is a very effective physical position, but the full application, in which the legs are interlocked at the ankles with both feet facing upward, can be very difficult to attain, particularly for beginning students. The haIf-Lotus, in which only one leg is interlocked with the respective foot directed upward, is also effective, as is the traditional non-interlocked cross legged "Indian" style seated position. In fact, the most important condition of the Lotus Posture is the requirement that the spine be held straight and erect. If this cannot be done for several minutes, then another position which will permit sufficient detachment to focus on the meditation technique used should be chosen. This can include sitting upright in a chair, or even lying on the floor. 

            The attainment of the meditative state becomes a matter of great ease with practice. In fact, simple steady, relaxed breathing is one of the most effective ways to enter the meditative state and begin accessing the Synergetic Mind. One need only find a relatively quiet space, attain the posture of choice, close one’s eyes, and begin breathing in the manner just described. Even the first practice will begin to relax the matrix of social conditioning and anxiety that prevents the perception of the Synergetic Consciousness in the personal mind, or ego, as this mental form is frequently referred to in spiritual discourse. As this practice is continued, the Presence of the Synergetic Mind is increasingly sensed on all perceptual levels as the ultimate source of manifestation behind the apparently distinct forms and processes experienced in daily living.  

             Because the totality of knowing includes free will, we can choose to see ourselves from the cosmic, Synergetic perspective, or from the simple material perspective, or any other, but the repeated practice of spirituality always tends to reveal the subtle and majestic order which underlies all superficial events. Synergetic Consciousness occurs as we move in the direction of the totality of existence, and become more and more aware of who and what we are in this infinite, eternal expression. This process is the ultimate reason why we are here in physical manifestation. 

             All of life’s difficulties are caused by living in spiritual impoverishment, and cured by developing spiritual awareness. This form of living is far more powerful and effective than even the most intricate human mental design. I encourage the investigation of Synergetic Consciousness as the most direct route to this enhanced spiritual awareness!             



Alan may be contacted at:

 Phone: (602) 326-7697

 Email: Samvara0 @ AOL.com

Web Site: www.searchlightforyou.com

 - The Searchlight -



- About Alan Schneider -

            Alan lived in California and worked in the California aerospace industry for most of his life, assortedly in San Diego, the Los Angeles/Orange County area, and at U.C. Berkeley in the San Francisco Bay area. He designed and supervised the installation of a 2,000 sq. ft. satellite ground test facility at the U.C. Berkeley Space Science Center from 1984 through 1988. 

           In 1992, following the abrupt implosion of the California aerospace business, he relocated to the Phoenix metropolitan area in Arizona, where he has lived up to the present time, employed for the first ten years of his residency there as a semiconductor equipment specialist at Motorola, Inc.  

           By 2000, the semiconductor industry in Arizona (and elsewhere) had gone into recession, forcing pronounced cutbacks at Motorola and other industry giants. Alan retired from Motorola in 2001, and eventually returned to college at Arizona State University. He graduated from this institution cum laude with a B.A. in Communication in May of 2005. 

            Alan has been a serious, devoted student of human consciousness and communication processes for most of his life, dating back to early adolescence. He has read all of the classical Western and Eastern texts on religion and philosophy, including Bertrand Russell’s Wisdom of the West (a work for which there is no Eastern counterpart), all of the European philosophers, and all of the principal Chinese and Hindu texts, including the Dao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, and the famous Bhagavad-Gita and Ramayana texts.  

            He has used this extensive knowledge base to study the mystery traditions of both the East and the West, focusing on Buddhism, Hinduism, Daoism, and Cabala. Alan has conducted detailed investigations into both the theoretical and functional aspects of these varied traditions over the years, has experienced numerous advanced states of heightened perception as a result, and has written one book, entitled Doors In Disguise, about his experience of Cabala and spiritual ascension practices. 

             In addition, he publishes a weekly spiritual newsletter entitled THE SEARCHLIGHT, and has a website at: http://www.searchlightforyou.com. Anyone wishing to subscribe to Alan’s newsletter may do so by emailing their request to: samvara0@aol.com.  The full text of Alan’s book is available chapter-by-chapter on his website, as are all of the newsletter articles, and many other interesting and relevant features. He invites you to subscribe or logon, and send any applicable content or comments to him that you may have!



- Disclaimer -

            The Synergy Meditation and Workshop are intended for spiritual self-development and self-exploration only. Any apparently psychological content, including references to archetypes and archetypal symbols, and/or the psyche, is provided solely for spiritual enhancement and the enhanced spiritual understanding of the participant(s), and is not to be construed as therapy in any sense of the term. Alan Schneider assumes no responsibility for any negative psychological or personal outcomes connected with the presentation or content of the Synergy Meditation and Workshop, but asserts such presentation and content as being only for the information of the participant(s). Furthermore, any information contained in the Synergy Meditation and Workshop is not warranted by Alan Schneider for scientific accuracy and/or relevancy to the participant(s) circumstances or condition(s).


- CR2008/Alan Schneider - 

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