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                               The Best


                             Alan Schneider


               What does it mean to do, to be, to reach The Best? It means that I will maintain my focus on the highest point, perhaps the most apparently unattainable place, that my knowledge and senses show me now, today, in this moment, and here, in this place, both within and without. It means that I will strive toward that highest point with all my attention, being, and resources, and with all my love.

             I acknowledge that this single purpose, this single intention, will determine the success that I achieve every day of my life. Even in the face of failure, the intention to excel at success remains paramount – the emotional binding for the book of my life and heart.

            The Best means that I can and will acknowledge with sensitivity the great and subtle chain of involvement that binds all things together into the infinite web of life. It means that I will know with compassionate understanding that, even though we all must eventually pass on, it is the time when we still stand forth in life, and how we stand forth, that really matters. It is what we stand for that matters…

             And this highest purpose means that I own my ultimate and final responsibility for the way I live my life, day in and day out, in everything and every manner of expression. There is no alternative for giving one hundred percent, and, in doing so, I will experience the total gift of this life in return.

                                                ------ from Alan with Love ------

                                         ©2006 / Alan Schneider