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                                 The Best


                                               Alan Schneider

                             What does it mean to attain The Best?   

         I will maintain my focus on the highest point, the most apparently

 unattainable place, that my knowledge and senses show me nowtoday,

in this moment, and here, in this place, both within and without. It means

that I will strive toward that highest point with all my attention, being, and

resources, and with all my love.

         I acknowledge that this single purpose, this single intention, will

 determine the success that I achieve every day of my life. Even in

the face of failure, the intention to excel at success remains paramount –

 the emotional binding for the book of my life and heart.

         The Best means that I can and will acknowledge with sensitivity

 the great and subtle chain of involvement that binds all things together

 into the infinite web of life. It means that I will know with compassionate

 understanding that, even though we all must eventually pass on, it is the

 time when we still stand forth in life, and how we stand forth, that really

 matters. It is what we stand for that matters…

       And this highest purpose means that I own my ultimate and final

responsibility for the way I live my life, day in and day out, in everything

and every manner of expression. There is no alternative for giving one

hundred percent, and, in doing so, I will experience the gift of life in return.


                                                          From Alan With Love

                                                                   (CR 2007)




                              What We FEEL Is IMPORTANT


                                Alan Schneider and Carol Sayles


          As we live our lives, a great rush of information continually floods our

 consciousness with all manner of images, sensations, and challenges –

great and small. In the midst of this condition we nonetheless tend to focus

 on certain overarching themes that stand out as of higher significance than

 most others – themes that we regard as preeminently important in our


        In a recent conversation, Alan and Carol considered and made lists of

 concepts that they each felt were of greatest importance in life. They are given

 below. The list will be updated periodically...      



                              Carol:                                              Alan:

                      Notice Creation                        Open Communication

                       Thankfulness                         Honesty (Self & Others)

                Attention & Kindness                          Selfless Love

                      Self Awareness                              Enlightenment

               (So I don’t hurt others)                             Courage



                              Carol:                                              Alan:      

                           Centering                                          Hope   

               Be In The Here And Now                             Joy

                  Let Go And Let God                            Persistence

                  Abide In God's Love                               Fidelity




                             Carol:                                               Alan:        

                        Connection                                        Curiosity

                          Patience                                         Abundance




                              Carol:                                              Alan:

                 Morning Is BRIGHT!                          Cooperation

                    Abiding In Love                                Compromise