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- Announcing The Light Society -


           The Light Society is a voluntary, donation supported organization located in the Phoenix metropolitan area devoted to the dissemination of information and resources regarding the development of higher consciousness and the pursuit of spiritual Enlightenment.

          The Society was founded in 2009 by its primary philosophical visionary, Alan Schneider Alan's spiritual writings can be found in their entirety on his website, THE SEARCHLIGHT, http://www.searchlightforyou.com, under the Doors and Essays links.

           Alan additionally publishes the spiritual newsletter SYNERGY on a monthly basis, featuring a wide variety of spiritual themes and subjects.   Interested parties may subscribe to SYNERGY by emailing Alan with their request at: Samvara0@AOL.com.


                                           The Embassy Suites, Tempe

will be hosting The Light Society meetings on Fridays at 7:00 pm in Garcia's Restaurant.  The Society meetings are free to the public, based only on voluntary donations.  Please feel free to attend and contribute your personal energy to the Light!


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