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Alan Schneider


              In the last essay, I suggested the existence of the Threshold of Chaos as the psychic portal from which virtually all of the information used by the ego to construct its version of consciousness emerges. I further suggested that this portal resides at the base of the ego and sensory perception, both developmentally and literally, and that no deeper level of experience is possible, even in deep meditation. While conventional science asserts that the senses themselves form the basis of experience and perception, I maintained that even these apparent fundamentals are really created in the Chaos present beyond the Threshold, formed by quasi-intelligent influences concealed in that Chaos as strange attractors, and then intentionally transmitted across the Threshold according to an extremely sophisticated and purposeful design. I suggested that this design was tantamount to Karma, and formed the essence of the Will of the Logos acting on human affairs on the Physical Plane of manifestation.  Although we have a natural tendency to misperceive the origin of the projections emerging from the Threshold of Chaos as being our personal creations, such is not the case – they are of Divine origin. I suggested that the consistency of these perceptions, whether they are called visions or dreams or fantasies, both in studies across the expanse of history and prehistory, and in exsiting present day cultures around the world, demonstrates that they are organized and meaningful in content, and tend to challenge our perception with moral quandaries and dilemmas that clarify the Soul as the focus of consciousness, not the ego. 

            Now I will take these propositions a few steps further, as we examine the nature of the material emerging from the Threshold, and the apparent results of various experimental methods used by not only the Saints and Seers of history, but also by “ordinary” individuals, to send information back the other way into the Chaos. These methods involve meditation, prayer, astral projection and perception, and full Ascension of the Soul to the level of the Logos and beyond. 

            As time is spent in meditation and contemplation at the Threshold, a perceptual edifice of remarkable consistency among observers tends to emerge as a stable element of their experience that is frequently characterized as an additional sense, much like the physical senses, but far more expansive in the Psyche. With ongoing practice, another completely distinct continuum of experience takes form at the Threshold, one that accounts for virtually all psychic ability and extrasensory perception.  I have already referred to the Astral Archetypes and the Akashic Records as two of the features of this extended region of experience, and there are many others as well, including personal attributes and psychic skills (frequently referred to as Siddis, or supernatural capacities, in Hindu Tantric Theory) that come to be developed by many practitioners. The attempt at a more or less complete listing and analysis of these personal and collective capacities would entail the writing of at least one, and probably more, full volumes into the hundreds of pages in length by this author – a daunting task to be sure (although there is nothing to say that I will not do so eventually as an expression of Dharma). In this little article, such a treatment is clearly out of the question – only the most basic questions can be raised and clarified here – questions of the communication dynamics that take place at the Threshold. The spiritual term for this set of dynamics is communion – a deep sharing of more than simple information across the Threshold – a sharing of our most intimate personal consciousness, feelings, and experiences with the archetypes on the other side through interfacing with their symbols, up to and including the Supreme Manifestation of the Logos. The archetypes become living beings through the manifestation of their symbolic structure, capable of speaking, thinking, feeling, and behaving, and the results of communion with them can be seen in observable change (including occasional miracles) here on the Physical Plane. It is through these often baffling real time transitions that defy probability – that defy even possibility – that we come to have convincing knowledge of the supernatural world beyond the senses. 

            It is tempting to make blanket generalizations about the communion process, but such things have a way of confounding the claimant. The process itself takes place beyond the “normal” state of ego consciousness, at least in the case of Astral perception, and the presence of the archetypal manifestations present establishes what amounts to an environment of non-linear dynamics. It is frequently difficult or impossible to account for what takes place on the higher Planes using the correlates of the Physical Plane. But some guidelines can be established for the sake of our communication on the Physical Plane in terms that the ego can accept and is comfortable with. 

            I have said that some people have natural abilities for various aspects of psychic capacities, and this includes communion. There are, for example, individuals who have a powerful natural capacity for prayer – the sending of messages back across the Threshold to the supernatural entities who exist there – predominantly the Angels, Archangels, and other expressions of higher consciousness. It is said in the Mystery Theories that the Archangel Sandalphon is the initial Astral entity who first hears our prayers, and then translates and relays them in the musical Angelic tongue to the extended sequence of Archangels to follow, sending our prayers up through the Planes of Ascension if He deems us worthy. I have also heard it said that there are demonic entities present in at least the Lower Astral Plane (contiguous to the Physical Plane perceived in the senses), who hear and respond to dark incantations soliciting outcomes based on greed or other negative psychological postures. And there is also said to be a class of more or less neutral Entities that may or may not acknowledge our requests, depending on their content and our motivation in making them.  I have certainly met any number of persons who seemed to have both capabilities – positive and negative solicitation – including occasionally in the same physical persona!  As was noted in the film The Ninth Gate, “Even Hell has it Heroes!” – there are people who seem to be chosen for and by the Darkness to perform dark deeds with apparent impunity.  These individuals are frequently devoid of love and compassion, however, and this makes them pitiful and empty creatures, however powerful they may seem to be in the material sense.  

            No information will be given here regarding the Dark practices. As far as this author is concerned, they all represent psychic and psychological dead ends, and are simply not worth the price paid for the very questionable advantages promised to the practitioner. Even though our Karma at a certain stage of spiritual development may include the study and practice of the Black Arts, my identity as a Light Worker precludes any further mention of this most challenged condition. This leaves us with the solicitation of the Light and Neutral Entities to be considered. Since the Neutral Entities are also prone to perform service to the selfish ends of the unenlightened ego, they too are to be regarded with suspicion, and will not be considered here. There is much in the realm of the archetypal symbols that is deceptive and represents all manner of concealed malevolence, and any image encountered in any state of heightened receptivity, including meditation, should be carefully scrutinized for indications of its intent and character before becoming involved with the potencies that it represents. Be warned! 

            The process of meditation automatically places us in contact with the Astral State when even entered into for just a few minutes, and will progressively send us into higher planes of consciousness as it continues. These higher planes (from the level of Anahata, the Heart Chakra, and in Ascension beyond) are the abode of the Light and Light entities, all of whom are benevolently disposed to humanity.  Our wishes and intentions, whether we are aware of them or not, are continuously broadcast on the Astral Plane as a consequence of our heightened receptivity in that place. Receptivity here means more than an increased state of openness to incoming information – it also means an increased state of open transmission of our personal state of being into the Astral Field. For this reason, it is very important that we know what we are feeling, wishing, and intending in any altered state of consciousness, particularly in meditation, but even in normal ego consciousness, for that matter, and enter into altered states with as much positive intention and good will as we can.  If we have or are harboring negative, self or other destructive impulses of any kind, we may be assured that these will be noticed by the many entities present on the Astral Plane, and the Dark ones will be quick to exploit this opportunity to extend their influence on the Physical Plane through our personal negativity. This is why I always encourage the process of therapy for those who wish to pursue psychic matters – it tends to create an inherent countermeasure of mental stability and grace against the Dark Forces present in the Lower Astral Plane.  

            I personally focus on going into meditation from as blank and detached a perspective as is possible – detachment from personal ego objectives is inherently positive. This way, if I am not willfully sending out positive signals on a given occasion, I am hopefully not sending out negative ones, either.  Beginners frequently simply cannot attain this state of mind, and therefore need to be advised that the ego residue present will interfere with the clear reception of incoming messages from the Threshold. As one continues to meditate, the mind progressively clears, and becomes a much better channel for the incoming Astral information, and the messages contained therein – messages that are often of great significance for the practitioner upon returning to the Physical Perception of the senses, our working base of operations in this life. I want to receive as much information as the Logos will send me on whatever subjects this Being sees fit. I regard the Logos and the correspondent Logoic Plane as unquestionably positive and benevolent, even though I know that I must eventually die and leave this life as a consequence of being alive. This life originated on the Logoic Plane as pure Love and Light, and was transmitted to me on the Physical Plane as the working gift of sentient biological life, and the opportunity to experience and release Karma. My love of the Logos is ever present in my consciousness, and is radiated on all the Planes always, even on the Physical Plane with its many aggravations and sufferings. This is my part of the communion process – what I give back to the Source – my way of keeping my channel clear for higher communication to emerge.  

            I occasionally also pray to the Logos on behalf of those who request this. Now, we tend to become very attached to the transitory, illusory sensory images present on the Physical Plane, and experience much anxiety when these images are threatened in any way, rarely stopping to consider that everything on this Physical Plane in this material life will perish – that is, transmute its form – eventually.  Prayer is frequently an ego-based phenomenon, with those rare exceptions where we are sincerely concerned for another’s welfare without regard for our own, and is problematic for that reason. Prayer is filled with emotional intention, and such intentions can occasionally backfire on the individual and produce contrary results if one does not take great care to release all selfish personal motivation and negative intent from the action. The best prayers are those that express one’s love of the Logos to the Logos and Archangels, and our appreciation for the gift of this life. Existence is, after all, an opportunity to express and release Karma through Dharma and good works, and become closer to the Logos in the process.  

            Yet, we all still become attached on the Physical Plane. I have experienced cases where persons have literally cried out to the Logos in agony and misery over their lives for help, and seemed to be answered with salvation. The Divine Light never turns away from anyone who is willing to bare the Soul honestly and openly in prayer in this way. However, this highest Source of Consciousness would also like to hear from us under other, less desperate, conditions as well. The Gurus, Saints, and Seers have mastered the art of constant communion with the Logos, and literally live in divine trance all of their lives as an expression of Love and Grace. In this way, they become living conduits for the Divine Light to shine forth here on Earth, and positive prayers and spiritual requests offered directly to such an individual, as expressions of the Divine Light present on the Physical Plane, can be very potent indeed!  

            Where do the Saints, Seers, Gurus, and Avatars come from? Ultimately, the Logos sends them to us here on the Physical Plane to assist us with our spiritual evolution. The effect of Maya, the sensory illusion, is very powerful, and we can all benefit from Divine assistance here while incarnate. I personally suspect that, under Divine Grace, a gene or genes will eventually be isolated in the human genome that could be called the “God” genes. Throughout history and prehistory, certain individuals seem to have demonstrated a natural inclination to focus on spiritual themes in their lives, becoming shamans, priests, healers, psychics, and spiritual leaders. While the tendency to channel this type of information from the Threshold of Chaos emerges through the agency of specifically spiritual archetypal symbols (Chakras, Sephoroth, OM, and others), I must suggest here that there is, in all probability, a genetic structure driving this process, one residing beyond the Threshold as a spiritual strange attractor, or attractor network. Like all Karma, the tendency to spiritually seek is almost certainly predetermined by the human genome itself.  

            We clearly have the extensive option for the use of free will built into our personal pilot mechanism, the ego. Anyone is free to accept, reject, consider, or disregard any or all of my arguments, suggestions, and observations made in these articles. In many cases they are admittedly quite fantastic, even to my perception, which has accepted them as the Truth of Consciousness.  I am the servant of the Logos, the Source of the information in these matters, and have promised in Love to offer all of it as Dharma for the spiritual enlightenment of humanity.  One can do nothing more positive!


                                                                                  - With Love, Alan -

                                                                           (CR2008, Alan Schneider)


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