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Alan Schneider


              All relationships are fundamentally Karmic in character – we end up involved with other people with whom we can optimally share spiritual development, for positive or negative outcomes. If we maintain a relative degree of objectivity and detachment, thus fostering a conducive learning environment for ourselves and our significant others, the results will tend to be more identifiably positive – we will be ready to release the involvement and progress to our next spiritual gradients when the current relational lessons have been learned. If we become infatuated, enamored, or perhaps comfortably addicted, within the context of the relational situation, this will gravely interfere with our ability to learn what we spiritually need to know from the relationship, and this will probably result in a traumatic personal wound when the relational Karma finally “times out”, and things simply come to an end. This is the situation that often occurs when none of the individuals involved in the relational situation have achieved much in the way of real spiritual insight – the social context disintegrates and vanishes, scattering the participants in many directions to begin the learning process again elsewhere.  

            It is of course true that dual intimate relationships (hopefully involving a more or less exclusive pair of individuals) are particularly prone to romantic infatuation, and even codependency and addiction, within the relational involvement.  The outcomes of such bonding have a lot to do with the frequently subconscious motivations of the individual participants.  If they have a certain level of awareness that their involvement with each other, however intense and rewarding it may be, is occurring within the larger context of the Universal Cosmic Mind as the result of their shared Soul Karma, this will enhance the spiritual gradient involved. If they are fundamentally motivated to avoid the Truth of the Soul, and are doing so by subconsciously seeking an environment of relational distractions that will support their flight from that Truth (and the responsibility for their Soul involvement on the Physical Plane), then the best that can be hoped for is a temporary escape from the confrontation with Karma that will inevitably occur anyway.  We must ultimately acknowledge growth in spiritual awareness as the only real positive manifestation in life – apart from that, it is a battle, always has been, and always will be.  Even the attainment of Enlightenment – the very process of spiritual growth – is a battle unto itself, and perhaps the most intense battle at that, because it demands so much of us as the price of success – the sacrifice of all of our most cherished, comfortable illusions about existence.  

            There is no escape – the only way out is through.  Eventually (and this may be after the elapse of many lifetimes spent in the attempt to escape) the individual will come to terms with spiritual reality and begin to shift the assessment of relational involvement directly to the consideration of the probable or possible spiritual vectors present.  At this point, real progress becomes possible, instead of just another ride on the relational merry-go-round.  Now, to be sure, there seem to be a large number of fundamentally “new” Souls presently incarnated on the Physical Plane who have little other awareness than that of the merry-go-round, and this must be taken into account by the seasoned spiritual Seeker. The question which must be asked here is this: how much time do I have to spend on distractions which will only leave me right back where I started from at the Karmic “ticket booth”? The truth is that we do not have time – life and incarnation are gone almost before we notice their presence, and the only ameliorative is becoming fully conscious in the present. Living among the distractions will prevent the development of that form of consciousness indefinitely.  

            We succeed in life to the extent that we learn to consistently Love and Honor the Soul and the Logos as the combined motive principals of all manifestation.  If anything survives physical mortality, it is this composite phenomenon, and is attained only on a purely spiritual level of awareness through the practice of compassion, selfless love, and devotion to a simple, graceful life.  

            In certain instances, as when diametrical opposition is an element of Soul manifestation potentially present in a relational involvement, we are given a relationship that shows us our opposite energy signature by way of highlighting the lessons to be learned. The Divine Light of Consciousness, the Logos, is certainly concerned with our well being as human organisms, but is more concerned with the evolution of our Souls as Spiritual Beings, and will use any means necessary to promote this evolutionary growth process. In this sense, opposition-as-reflection remains another very effective mode of instruction and development. After all has passed, the body will disintegrate, but the Soul will persist as the spiritual essence of the organism.  

            Ultimately, we enter and leave the Physical Plane as Souls intimately associated with discreet, isolated physical bodies. The entire Physical Plane is an expression of the Logos (vibrating at the lowest spiritual frequencies, however) set in place as a series of complex sensory mirrors to enhance the evolution of the Soul on its journey back to God. Our relationships with other limited, isolated human expressions of consciousness, however exciting and satisfying they may be, are doomed to experience the same transitory excursions amid the eternal turbulence of the Physical Continuum, as we are tossed about on the stormy sea of ego awareness.  The only relationship which we can rely on as a consistently stable lighthouse of consciousness, always visible from the sea of confusion and ego involvement, is the spiritual relationship of our Souls and the Logos. When this relational bond is made the first priority of living, the frustration and remorse so often experienced with our human bonds is considerably abated.  

            It is often very difficult for human beings to comprehend the Will and Presence of God.  The conditions of the Logoic Plane are as different as is conceivable from those of the Physical Plane, and the ego, which has evolved as the mediator of consciousness on that lowest of Planes.  We tend to evaluate the supposed motives of the Divine Intelligence from our acutely limited mortal human perspective,  and come away from the experience angry and perplexed.  How can a Loving, Caring God permit, let alone Create, a universe apparently filled with suffering and imbalance?  Why must we repeatedly die out of the body in fear and discomfort?  Why is the human condition and ego so evidently disposed toward selfishness and cruelty?  From the rote human perspective, life is a puzzle at best, and agony at worst...  

            The answers to these quandaries can be known through the investigations of the altered states of consciousness available to us, most notably the Yogas, and meditation techniques of several disciplines, but a prolonged interval of personal sacrifice, discipline, and austerity is required as the price of this knowledge. Under these circumstances, it is not so surprising that most of humanity shirks the task in favor of transitory material distraction. In the essays to come, I will endeavor to provide the reader with the results of my life of sustained inquiry into the Mysteries of the Mind, in the form of my insights into the Divine Existence of the Logoic Plane, and what God wants from us as Souls incarnate on the Physical Plane!


                                                                                - With Love, Alan -

                                                               (Copyright 2009, by Alan Schneider)


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