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Alan Schneider


             This essay concerns a small radio frequency (RF) radiation detector, about the size of a cigarette lighter, intended by the manufacturer to indicate the presence of concealed cameras, listening devices, and other covert surveillance equipment.  When actuated in the vicinity of a cellular phone making an active call, the detector will give both an audible, “beeping” indication, and a visual “flashing” indication that an RF signal is present and transmitting within detection range.  The range is quite good, up to many feet away from the source in most cases. 

             I was introduced to this device by my friend “Dave” (not his real name), who had discovered that it also was useful as an “implant” detector – that is, it would give audible and visual alarms that an RF source was active when held up to the body!  Particularly the cranial area seems to be prone to giving such bodily RF alarms, and Dave believes that these are indications of alien abduction and experimentation, particularly surgical implantation of micorsensors and allied transmission devices in the body for ongoing, post-procedural monitoring of the subject.  He theorizes that the signal is present when the implant is transmitting information to the alien experimenters, and perhaps when receiving downloads from them as well. 

            I found this device to be quite interesting, and borrowed Dave’s personal unit for my own use – I demonstrate frequent RF alarm activity all over my cranium, but particularly on the right mastoid area.  

            In the course of experimentation with the detector, I also tried it on some of my friends, and a very interesting statistical response pattern emerged.  The detector indicated RF activity in several other anatomical locations apart from the head and cranium, particularly along the spine, and in the analogous frontal regions of the body.  More specific testing and placement eventually centralized the additional alarm responses to the positions traditionally associated with the spinal and cranial Chakra locations! In the case of one of my female friends, “Jenna” (again, not her real name), who is experiencing pronounced traditional Kundalini activation symptoms associated with the primary Chakras (sensations of heat, irritability, and electrical activity at the site of one or more Chakras as the Kundalini “rises” in manifestation, along with heightened states of perception and sensation specific to given Chakras), also demonstrates an extraordinary level of detector activity in the vicinity of some of the major Chakras. The fact that the levels of detector response are variable across sequences of measurements is an indication of what I currently believe is the real behavior of the detector – it senses the presence of the Kundalini Energy active in the Chakras!  

            The detector is quite sensitive across a wide range of UHF (ultra high frequency) signals – from (20) megagigahertz (twenty million billion cycles per second) to (3) gigahertz (three billion cycles per second).  This effectively renders it capable of detection both within and well beyond the range of most micro-wave emitters typical of the RF spectrum, close to the gamma and cosmic ray region of what is essentially pure radiant energy, and all in a compact little device that is also incorporates a penlight, and operates on two AAA cell batteries!  

            I theorize that the capability of this device to detect at or near the highest frequency wave oscillations also very possibly renders it capable of detecting UHF oscillations occurring at the borderline regions of its capacity, and beyond what is currently known to science – i.e. the oscillations of the Kundalini energy emitting from the regions associated with the Subtle Bodies of conscious manifestation representing the major Chakras – the Etheric Form, the Astral Form, and the Mental Form. These regions have here-to-fore have been considered to be imaginary conditions present only in superconscious fantasy.  The Chakras themselves were considered to be, at best, primary archetypes of the collective unconscious, and unverifiable through any scientific procedure.  I suspect that this may have all changed now.  The reader can only imagine my excitement at this prospect!


- Jenna - 

            In Jenna’s case, the detector activity is phenomenal. She more or less consistently demonstrates the following responses:


             1)  A variable Sahasrara spherical “halo” around her head that extends from several inches to several feet beyond her cranium.   

             2) A very consistent Ajna response centered between, and from one half to one inch above, her physical eyes that can extend from the surface of her skin to about two feet away.

          3) A reasonably consistent Anahata response located exactly at the traditional anatomical position of the Anahata Chakra, and measurable from either the front or rear of the body.

             4) An intermittent Manipura response located at the naval.

             5) An intermittent Svadhisthana response located in the abdomen.

             6) An intermittent Muladhara response located at the base of the sacrum, and measurable from either the front or rear of the body when present.


             She does not appear to demonstrate a Vishuddha (Throat Chakra) response at this time, a very interesting exception to the pattern, but she also does not sing or chant in a spiritual context, activities that would customarily be associated with the Vishuddha Kundalini presence.  She does meditate extensively, and is a devoted lifelong student of the Eastern Mysteries, however.  

            A summation of Kundalini theory is probably in order at this time.  The Kundalini “energy” is presumed in the theories of Yoga and Tantra to be present initially in a small dormant “packet” present in the Muladhara Chakra at birth.  The term itself means “coiled”, or “coiled serpent”, expressing the sense of a great deal of latent force awaiting  release. This energy is subsequently “awakened” (or activated, or released) by a number of different circumstances – childhood emotional trauma, various supernatural influences on consciousness, the certain manifestations of Freudian infantile sexuality occurring in the contexts of oral and anal stimulation, and, finally, by the onset of puberty and genital sexuality.  The Kundalini is thought of as a female phenomenon in consciousness, and is represented as Shakti, the universal female principal present in the cosmos, analogous to the Taoist Yin.  

            Once the Kundalini is awakened, it begins rising up through the sequence of spinal Chakras, activating the influences associated with them in succession, and is characterized as “seeking” reunion with Shiva, the universal male principal, conceptualized as residing in the Sahasrara, or Crown, Chakra, immediately above and beyond the head. This universal male energy is analogous to the Taoist Yang, the other portion of the disc of universal cosmic manifestation known as the Tao, which represents the fundamental motive force in the universe.  Once the Kundalini is activated, it will continue to rise up the spine through the Chakras without exception – nothing can prevent or reverse this process.  In Tantric theory, there are two “Paths”, or modes of expression, for the Kundalini that diverge at the Reproductive Chakra, Svadhisthana – the Right Hand Path, and the Left Hand Path.  The Right Hand Path is the route of Spiritual Ascension, and is developed by the practices of Yoga and the Yoga lifestyle –  and is felt to be inherently superior to the Left Hand Path, which involves, and is centered around, genital intercourse practiced to orgasm.  Although the Left Hand Path is far and away the most common Tantric practice, the Right Hand Path is still well enough known to most spiritual aspirants to be of great significance, and even dedicated Left Hand enthusiasts will eventually find and acknowledge the Right Hand Path, although this may take many incarnations, according to Hindu cosmology.  So it is that the Kundalini energy will inevitably tend to produce Ascension and Ascension experiences as its byproduct.  

            When the female Kundalini Shakti eventually reaches Sahasrara, and reunites with the male Shiva principal, the result is Samadhi – the ecstatic experience of non-dual consciousness – the reintegration of Being into the One Presence.  This Presence is essentiality God, represented by the Hindu Godhead of Brahma, the Creator aspect, Vishnu, the Preserver aspect, and Shiva, the Destroyer aspect, of Universal Manifestation.  And beyond even the male images of the Godhead is the highest, purest expression of the Divine, the Brahman, which is considered once again to be female in consequence of its quality of interpenetrating and flowing through all of the separate forms and processes of Creation.  Thus, the ultimate Divine Essence in Hindu philosophy is female, and the Kundalini mirrors this at the finest microcosmic level as a female force active in, but also transcending, personal consciousness.  

            Thus, what detects the presence and activity of the Kundalini is essentially detecting the presence of God on the physical plane in the form of the Goddess energy.  This energy both eclipses and encompasses life and death, and all of the experiences knowable to humans on every level, in the representation of Shiva’s many Shaktis – as Kali, the insane black female Goddess of death and chaos, as Durga, the Amazon who battles the demons of excess, and as Parvati, the personification of Love and Devotion, to name a few.  Literally everything is present in the Kundalini energy.  The mere possibility that this phenomenon might be detectable using a physical device is absolutely remarkably exciting!  

            I have also manifested a number of positives using the RF detector, although not always to the extent of my friend Jenna. Depending on an as yet undefined set of preexisting conditions, I will also demonstrate an expansive Sahasrara spherical halo many feet in diameter, and Ajna responses comparable to hers, a Vishuddah response in my case, an Anahata response, and a Manipura response.  It is interesting that I sometimes have to rub my belly (activating and releasing the Manipura Kundalini) to obtain the Anahata response!  Maybe this is just a “Guy Thing”, or a “Gut Thing”, or whatever, but it does remind one of the female universe of Hinduism, and the inherent sensitivity of the female consciousness.  

            I obviously need more time and subject experience with the detector to assess its possible false positives, design flaws, extended capabilities, and so forth. And the supposition that the detector is responding to Kundalini energy in no way invalidates my friend Dave’s theory that it may be detecting alien implants, although those aliens must have implanted nearly everybody, such being the case!  What I do have is a certain amount of evidence at this time that the Chakra locations appear to be detection sites, and that the detector response to them is variable across a consistent range of levels.  It is reasonable to suppose that ambient RF signal activity in the vicinity could affect responses, as could the mood of the subject, much like the case of polygraph (lie detector) tests.  Assuming that the Kundalini represents an intelligent, divinely volitional phenomenon, it may also be capable of independent choice regarding when and where it is subject to detection.  

            In conclusion, apart from the tantalizing prospect of real time physical detection of such an abstract concept as the Chakras, their significance as archetypal symbols of levels of consciousness needs to be mentioned here.  The ancient Hindu Yogis, Gurus, Pundits, and Seers who originated this classification system – in many cases working independently of each other – had come to the conclusion that the obvious existence of awareness and perception in the human observer implied much more than the simple organization of sensation and experience into physical meaning. These insightful individuals performed detailed internal observations of the process of consciousness itself and came to the conclusion that the origin of perception was located in an independent realm beyond the organism and wholly separate from it – a realm that could be contacted and participated in through the Yogas.  The Chakra system is the distillation of their collective experience of their journeys beyond the mind and body – a map of consciousness for the perceptual explorer!


                                                                                - With Love, Alan -

                                                              (Copyright 2009, by Alan Schneider)


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