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..:: Evidence II ::..


Alan Schneider


            I was introduced to the detector by my friend “Dave” (not his real name), who had discovered that it also was useful as an “implant” detector – that is, it would give audible and visual alarms that an RF source was active when held up to the body!  Particularly the cranial area seems to be prone to giving such bodily RF alarms, and Dave believes that these are indications of alien abduction and experimentation, particularly surgical implantation of microsensors and allied transmission devices in the body for ongoing, post-procedural monitoring of the subject.  He theorizes that the signal is present when the implant is transmitting information to the alien experimenters, and perhaps when receiving downloads from them as well. 

            I found this device to be quite interesting, and borrowed Dave’s personal unit for my own use – I demonstrate frequent RF alarm activity all over my cranium, but particularly on the right mastoid area. 

            In the course of experimentation with the detector, I also tried it on some of my friends, and a very interesting statistical response pattern emerged.  The detector indicated RF activity in several other anatomical locations apart from the head and cranium, particularly along the spine, and in the analogous frontal regions of the body.  More specific testing and placement eventually centralized the additional alarm responses to the positions traditionally associated with the spinal and cranial Chakra locations! In the case of one of my female friends, “Jenna” (again, not her real name), who is experiencing pronounced traditional Kundalini activation symptoms associated with the primary Chakras (sensations of heat, irritability, and electrical activity at the site of one or more Chakras as the Kundalini “rises” in manifestation, along with heightened states of perception and sensation specific to given Chakras), also demonstrates an extraordinary level of detector activity in the vicinity of some of the major Chakras. The fact that the levels of detector response are variable across sequences of measurements is an indication of what I currently believe is the real behavior of the detector – it senses the presence of the Kundalini Energy active in the Chakras! 

            The detector is quite sensitive across a wide range of UHF (ultra high frequency) signals – from (20) megagigahertz (twenty million billion cycles per second) to (3) gigahertz (three billion cycles per second).  This effectively renders it capable of detection both within and well beyond the range of most micro-wave emitters typical of the RF spectrum, close to the gamma and cosmic ray region of what is essentially pure radiant energy.  


- Jenna Update -

             During the past week, on the occasion of a social visit, we tested Jenna’s condo for other detector response behavior, and another series of fascinating indications emerged!   

            Many common electrical devices emit some form of RF and/or microwave radiation in the course of their normal operation, including television equipment, microwave ovens, some sound equipment, neon lights, and microcomputers (both desk and portable units).  On this occasion, we both checked ourselves at Chakra sites that had been extremely responsive on former occasions, and were initially puzzled at the blanket lack of detector response.  In the course of the activity, a program that we had been watching on her television set concluded, and we turned it off in favor of a radio program being broadcast on her stereo receiver.  Shortly thereafter, we again checked the detector outputs at various Chakra sites, and the readings were present again.  We then turned the television back on, and the readings almost immediately vanished.  After turning the set back off again, we also turned off her laptop computer, and the readings assumed the comparable high level indications that we had been receiving in some other physical locations around town.  Apparently, the RF interference from particularly the television set, but also the microcomputer, was sufficient to block out the detector response. 

            Jenna also theorizes that the content of the program on the television set may have been suppressive of the Kundalini itself.  This was The Seven Samurai, by famed Japanese director Kurosawa.  Although the film is internationally hailed as a classical masterpiece by film critics, the content is nonetheless quite violent throughout, and this violence possibly both suppresses the ascending Kundalini, and triggers conscious and unconscious primitive organismic and egoic response patterns that are detrimental to enhanced self awareness and enlightenment, thus exacerbating the supposed suppression modality.  

            After noting that renewed detector activity had been restored, we then took the steps of testing several “non-personal” sites around her home, and discovered numerous “hot” locations both upstairs and downstairs! A synopsis follows.


            A. Downstairs:

                         1) Dining Area – with the computer off, we both exhibited a range of typical Chakra site responses in line with previous peaks demonstrated.

                         2) Living Room – several sites along the north wall gave pronounced indications, especially the east corner where the sonic meditation chair is located. Responses generally correlated with Egyptian art put up on the walls. Outdoor tests showed no responses along the north wall.   

                         3) Stairwell – general responses in the vicinity of Egyptian wall art.


            B. Upstairs:

                         1) Bedroom – responses pronounced in the northeast corner, in and around a large artificial tree. Responses also pronounced on and around the bed, particularly the upper bed and pillow areas. Some of the pillows gave very active, specific responses.

                         2) NOTE: the northeast corner of the bedroom is directly above the northeast corner of the living room, the location of the sonic meditation chair. This chair has a fantastic built-in sound system and full reclining capability. Jenna uses it frequently for her meditations, and general relaxation.


            It is noteworthy that virtually all of the Egyptian wall art featured depictions of cobras emerging from the foreheads of the human subjects shown, ostensibly from their headgear, but literally from the Ajna Chakra location.  Certain aspects of Kundalini theory postulate that the Ajna Chakra is where the Kundalini emerges from the Astral Form into external physical expression on the Physical Plane,  and simultaneously internally to seek further Astral Ascension into Sahasrara Chakra. Kundalini theory additionally maintains that there is another Chakra within Sahasrara called the Soma Chakra that is fully within the confines of the human Astral and Physical Forms, and is the ultimate destination of the fully Ascended Kundalini, apart from Sahasrara.  

            We theorized on this occasion that some other, more pervasive influence must be at work regarding the detector responses observed.  Clearly, Jenna was imparting a residual influence in certain key areas around her home that persisted after she herself had departed the areas in question.  But, what was the nature of that influence? 

            Kundalini theory suggests many possibilities for the presence of lingering spiritual trace effects, especially those in a place of residence where the individual’s vibration is generalized. It is quite possible that the phenomenon is linked to the frequency of use of an area – e.g. Jenna’s bed, and the sonic chair, both of which she uses regularly.  Some of the other cases, such as the Kundalini responses linked to the Egyptian wall art, are more problematic to explain.  

            The probable key to understanding the full range of detector responses lies in the supposed ultimate nature of the Kundalini itself.  Essentially, this force is a result and reflection of the Divine Essence of the universe, the Brahman – a female manifestation in Hindu cosmology, as has already been noted in these essays.  To the devout Hindu, the universe is the Divine Female in its most basic form of the Brahman.  At the microcosmic level of the human (and quite possibly any other biological) form, this female characteristic takes the form of the Kundalini energy expression, another female essence, in this case nested in the Astral Body, and associated with the Physical Body.  

            Since the Brahman is Divine, it is presumed to have at least some of the Divine characteristics associated with the subsequent images of the male Godhead – i.e. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva – omnipresence, omniscience, and, most importantly, independent volition and identity.  The Brahman knows that she exists, and what the nature of her existence is, as the totality of manifestation present in everything, but not specifically represented in any one thing at any one time.  She can choose when and where to reveal her presence, and to whom.  This is the essence of the Ascension process – the progressive revelation of the Truth of Consciousness as the Universal Brahman.  

            Because the Kundalini is the personal human expression of the Brahman, she mirrors the features of that Divine condition – she can choose when, where, and how she will manifest in the process of Ascension.  She has her own Divine logic, which transcends and supersedes mortal human reason.  Herein lies the key to understanding the variety of detector responses – the Kundalini was deciding on a level far beyond human understanding when, where, and whether to activate the detector! Ah, yes, man proposes, but God disposes...we are not in control, however much this may be the superficial appearance of things on the Physical Plane. 

            The evidently subordinate nature of humanity is a bitter pill for the egoic consciousness of the senses and Physical Plane to swallow, but it must be taken anyway, if the Truth is to be known and accepted by the Spiritual Aspirant.  Not only are we not in control, but we should not be in control.  Rather, we are asked by God to be students of the existence of the Physical Plane and all its limitations imposed by the body of flesh.  This existence affords a unique perspective on the very nature of experience itself, and on all subsequent things experienced thereby, and in fact constitutes God’s amazing combined gift – the blessing, responsibility, and opportunity of human consciousness.  Let us pause occasionally on the journey to wonder at the miracle of Creation!  

            As more observations are conducted with the little RF detector, yielding more information under the Grace of God, I will continue to post these findings and their associated theoretical explanations on these newsletters, and on my website, The Searchlight.  I construct these essays quite spontaneously in most cases, simply sitting down to write accounts what has been uppermost in my awareness in a given period of time, generally over the course of the preceding week, but I will include relevant and significant detector information from now on, whatever the additional content may be!  I say to you all – Namaste!


                                                                                - With Love, Alan -

                                                               (Copyright 2009, by Alan Schneider)


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