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Alan Schneider


            As has been previously noted in the past two essays, I quickly noticed that the detector also was capable, under variable circumstances, of detecting the Chakra sites in the body with great accuracy, leading me to speculate that an alternate phenomenon under consideration was the detection of the presence of the Kundalini Energy as it became active in the Chakra System at the Chakra sites.  

            In fact, this is still the case as of this writing – the detector tends to indicate activity at the Chakra locations in the physical organism, although not necessarily all of them, and not all at the same time.  Discounting what may have been particularly ambitious advertising on the part of the manufacturer, it can safely be assumed that the detector operates in the gigahertz region of the radiant energy spectrum – generally associated with RF radiation – and  can also be assumed to register consistently in the (2) gigahertz region, that is, mid-RF range. The wavelength of RF radiation is relatively long – from kilometers to centimeters in length, bridging into the millimeter scale at the infrared end of the range.  

            There is a well-known correspondence in Yoga practice of the proposed Chakra locations in the Astral Form with the literal locations of the endocrine glands in the Physical Form – i.e. the physical body.  Briefly, these are:

          Sahasrara  –  The pituitary gland, the master gland that secretes the hormones that control the balance of the ductless (endocrine) gland system.  Also connects to the central nervous system via the hypothalamus and thalamus.  The thalamus is thought to have a key role in the physical basis  of consciousness.

           Ajna   –   The pineal gland, a light sensitive gland that regulates the human sleep response.  There is some difference of opinion among authorities regarding whether Sahasrara and Ajna correspond to the pituitary and pineal glands or whether the correspondence is, in fact, reversed.

           Vishuddha   –   The thyroid gland, controls growth and maturation.

         Anahata   –   The thymus gland, located very near the heart in the chest cavity, and responsible for the immune system and T-cell production. This gland is known to be adversely effected by stress. 

       Manipura   –   The adrenal glands, responsible for the release of adrenalin, the natural organismic amphetamine that enables heightened response to emergency situations, and helps to regulate digestion under more normal conditions.

     Svadhisthana   –    Related to the testes in men, and the ovaries in women and the corresponding release of testosterone and estrogen into the biological system of the respective sexes.  Presumed in Kundalini Yoga to be the site  of the divergence of Kundalini Tantra into the Right (ascension) and Left (sexual) Hand Paths.

         Muladhara    –    No specific glandular association, but presumed to be secondarily associated with the prostate in men (and the ability to sustain male sexual arousal and erection), and menstruation in women.          

            Under ideal circumstances, the detector will annunciate at all of the Chakra locations – I have measured responses in various individuals at each site on different occasions when detector activity was optimal. Naturally, the response at Sahasrara is somewhat global, and extends around the head, and the response at Muladhara is also somewhat global, frequently localizing to the abdomen, but the balance of the Chakras register more or less exactly where they “should” anatomically.  

            If we presume that the detector response is somehow tied to the activity of the endocrine glands just mentioned, the fascinating question of how this relationship might be sustained is generated.  It possibly may be related to thermal loads at the glandular sites – the upper range of detection borders on the infrared (thermal) detection bandwidth. It is quite possible that the endocrine glands absorb and sustain thermal radiation under an unspecified set of conditions (such as daytime thermal loading, perhaps), and then progressively release this energy slowly throughout the evening, rendering the locations susceptible to detection at the thermal end of the detector bandwidth. 

            Of course, this does not explain the detector response to the areas around Jenna’s home (as opposed to her physical bodily responses) nor does it explain the sudden upsurge in detector activity when her television set was turned off, both indicated below.  I still tend to accept the theory that some kind of residual psychic “field effect” based on frequent physical proximity in altered, heightened states of awareness accounts for these phenomena, but this is far from validated at this time.             

            The Kundalini remains a mysterious force at work at the very foundation of all reality, as the Tao of Zen and Eastern spiritual practice, and in almost every other phase of life as the principals of duality and polarization seen to be functionally universally present in existence.  In the case of human beings, this force is manifest in the Chakras with specificity, and generally as Chi, or life force, in the balance of the organism.  The Kundalini presumably flows through a network of many Chakras in the body – the seven major nodes are simply the baseline of a much more extended network of (depending on which system is used) from (360) to (1000) additional nodes, existing in the hands, feet, organs, limbs, and joints.  I have, for example, observed detector responses in both of my palms, all of my fingertips, and my ears, on different occasions. 

            In one of my latest conversations with Jenna, she expressed what, in subsequent consideration, has become focal in my awareness – the Kundalini is God, and is the Soul – the three are simply different levels of manifestation of a common process – and they are all in absolute conflict with the ego.  The ego has a superficially advantageous situation in consciousness because it has evolved across the eons of time to guide the Physical Form through the Physical Plane at the head of the central nervous system. Although the result of acculturation, it is biologically and neurologically inevitable and intrinsic to what we physically are.  The Soul, on the other (Right?) hand, resides in the distant background of consciousness, perhaps even the deep unconscious, frequently unobserved by the ego and conscious mind.  Jenna feels that the Soul/God/Kundalini has its own, entirely discreet agenda in consciousness that may have nothing whatsoever to do with the ego agenda, and has its own will and intention regarding the affairs of life, including when, where, and how it chooses to manifest to the senses of one or many observers on the Physical Plane. 

            And she brought up the fascinating proposition that the mere vestige of ego involvement in an observation may be sufficient to completely blot out the Soul Presence, including at the level of operation of the detector.  Even our/my satisfaction in defining the characteristics of the “Kundalini detector” as such is, in all probability, sufficiently ego-motivated (as a consequence of desire action) to suppress the Kundalini manifestation! Only the most innocent, detached, and dispassionate observations involving detector operation will produce valid data – once the need for self-aggrandizement creeps into the process, the whole event becomes biased, and the detection either stops or falls off significantly in magnitude. Once again, while humanity proposes, God (and apparently only God) disposes.  

            This supposition also explains the ability of the detector to respond to extra-physical manifestations in Jenna’s home – if the Soul is indeed collective, and exists apart from and beyond the body, then it should be detectable at any point where it has been purely enough manifested – in and around the sonic chair, for example, a location in Jenna’s home that gives consistent readings even when all other personal and extra-personal sites give none.  Jenna loves her chair selflessly in meditation, and it would appear that this is a good example of the observation that “God Is Love”.  The additional Soul Presences of the other corporeal human beings who have also used and loved the chair (as I did) would serve to bolster the collective Soul present in and around it.  And the chair uses sound as its medium of expression, the basic mode of Creation (i.e. vibration) in the universe.  In Hindu cosmology, the whole of Creation was (and is) achieved by the word OM.  And the Old Testament says “In the Beginning was The Word, and The Word was with God, and The Word was God”.  Even light (and other forms of radiant energy) still exist as higher frequency, shorter wave length vibrations (or oscillations) that can be placed in a continuum with shock waves at one end, then sound, then radiant energy. The “Big Bang” was the first shock in the Primal Void – the sound that initiated Creation and established the resonance of OM forever after.  

            Why does the Kundalini manifest as it does, in such an apparently disconnected manner?  Personally, I suspect that it is actually manifesting universally, and in a very consistent manner, at all times and in all places – the human ego simply chooses to ignore it for the sake of superficial attachment to sense objects.  The ego does not really experience Love or Light – it experiences fear and desire, the opposing conditions in conscious perception. This is why there can be no compromise with the ego in consciousness – it is simply too limiting as a mechanism of awareness.  Where there is ego, there is no Kundalini perception or action, and vise versa. Only the Soul/God/Kundalini expresses, demonstrates, and experiences genuine selfless Love and Light in conscious perception.  It would appear that Divine Love is the sole (!) driving force present in the Kundalini phenomenon – God Is Love, if we can only learn how to recognize and understand this Truth. God Is Love! Namaste...


                                                                               - With Love, Alan -

                                                              (Copyright 2009, by Alan Schneider)


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