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Alan Schneider




“The Observer VIII / The Light / Epilog”


              Upon further consideration of the matter of the Solar Light as the medium of spiritual archetypal transmission, I have received further suggestions from my spiritual source of inspiration, and am forthwith offering these insights to the reader... 

            The matter at hand concerns natural light vs. the cerebral cortex, the latter being the probable evolutionary physical repository of, or at least the input interface for, the archetypes, including the Self.  While the light of the Sun may well be infused with archetypal information only observable through advanced states of perception, an additional possibility is that the correct and balanced administration of sunlight through the eyes and optic nerves to the optical cortex may be the key to unlocking archetypal symbolism latent elsewhere in the brain – possibly in the prefrontal lobe where the network of synoptic junctions comprising the ego is also found.  And the type of symbols that I observed in Samadhi – specifically the Divine Lotus of Sahasrara – may also be latently present in the optical cortex itself.   Obviously, much work remains to be done in testing this matter before any definite conclusions can be drawn.

            Some question also remains regarding the fact that the first sequence of visions I experienced (on Christmas Eve) took place in the darkness, well after sundown, and natural light could not have played a part in their apprehension.    They nonetheless were equally as potent as the visions of Christmas morning, with the exception of the vision of Sahasrara, which eclipsed everything up to that point in terms of numinosity – radiance within the Psyche.   This vision was very probably directly related in terms of its intensity to my inadvertent sungazing activity at the time.

            Thus, there appears to be a clear correlation between sunlight and enhanced spiritual perception during altered states of consciousness, but causality and causal origin cannot be reliably assigned to one or the other at this time.  A third possibility here is that such perceptions result from the interaction of the two phenomena noted in some manner that is yet to be understood.   Now, let us continue to the primary subject of this essay – turbulence.  Namaste... 






             One of the primary conditions observable on the Physical Plane of Expression is unquestionably turbulence – the manifestation of continuous change of shape, form, and process present in, and defining, material existence.  This essay will investigate the phenomenon of turbulence, highlighting its implications for personal and spiritual consciousness.  

            The condition of turbulence is referenced, among other places, in the Biblical Book of Revelations, where the suggestion is made that the Beast of the Apocalypse would be created from, or produced in association with, “The Eternal Boiling Sea”, a phrase generally assumed by Biblical scholars to be a reference to the “sea” of political activity and involvement around the world on the Physical Plane.   But, what if this expression was a reference to an omnipresent disturbance of form in the world, not the solely one of political ramifications, but the comprehensive, universal “churning” of existence that creates/created not only The Beast, but all other modalities of material form as well?  In the Eastern tradition, Hinduism refers to the Dance of Shiva, the Creator/Destroyer deity, as the universal process of manifestation, and equates this with the passage of time, the process by which we demarcate transition and change on the Physical Plane, and universally measured by the daily travel of the Sun across the sky since the beginning of human consciousness and cultureAnd the Mayan system of temporal measurement features the Day Keepers – spiritual essences that are integrated into the Mayan Calendar, repeating in a regular sequence every twenty days.   The Day Keepers are seen as archetypal governing influences for the organizing principals present in the universe, maintaining the qualities necessary for stability and growth in the world on a continuing daily basis.   

            The Sun itself demonstrates a state of profound turbulence, one which is presumed by science to have birthed the solar system, planets, and all life as we know it here on Earth.  Yet, the Sun is held in place, and held together, by the primary organizing principal in the universe – gravity – a universal force that defies scientific explanation to this day.   No one knows why matter, and even energy under certain circumstances, tends to stick together, although the last essay suggested some tantalizing possibilities in this regard. And, no one knows why the polarity that establishes electromagnetism exists – there simply seems under some circumstances to be an extreme difference in the valence of material that subsequently generates great force, but none know why this phenomenon should be polarized thus, only that fields of this effect can produce more fields of the same kind.   The nuclear forces that bind together the atoms and subatomic fields that account for all creation are similarly inexplicable – we can say only that they exist, based upon the evident behavior of the world we observe.  

            In the last essay I took the bold step of treating the solar interior as a fundamentally unobservable chaotic region populated by strange attractors that generate observable solar radiation in consequence of their influence, and also suggested that at least the visible portion of that radiation was encoded with the archetypal blueprints of all Creation as a portion of its content that could, under the correct conditions, be observed as archetypal symbols manifest in the human Psyche.   A few examples of this process were provided for the reader’s consideration, along with somewhat terse theoretical explanations of their supposed occurrence.   The fundamental forces of physics just noted in the former paragraph that construct the universe are also chaotic – they cannot be directly observed themselves, only inferred from the observable effects they produce in the material world.  

            If we take the additional step of treating universal turbulence as a chaotic strange attractor unto itself, as opposed to being the result of the action of other, preexisting strange attractors, another series of fruitful observations results.   In this case, we must specify the existence of a turbulent strange attractor present within turbulent conditions pre se, and generating the observable turbulent surface effects.  Since observable surface turbulence closely resembles fundamental chaos itself in its behavior, we are essentially postulating a strange attractor for chaos – an attractor that generates chaotic outcomes in otherwise orderly systems.   What would be the probable features of this type of strange attractor?   Could there even be such a thing?   Is turbulence not itself a baseline form of chaos beyond which nothing more can even be inferred?   

            Fredric Nietzsche once said “Out of chaos comes order!”   I wish to suggest that the opposing argument is equally valid – out of order comes chaos – driven into manifestation by a strange attractor concealed within the very fabric of the orderly state of manifestation itself.   This possibility is hinted at by the process of the Hegelian Dialectic – thesis, antithesis, synthesis – a principal, spontaneously generating its opposing principal through the process of reflective manifestation, resulting in the combination of the two into a higher order of truth.    If thought is given to this theory, it becomes apparent that no long term stability is possible anywhere, hence, no permanent orderly system.   There must therefore be seeds of chaos manifest at every stage of the Dialectic to account for its very existence as a mechanism of change.    I maintain on the basis of this logic that there must very definitely be a strange attractor accounting for the persistence and presence of chaos as a phenomenon in the universe – it must have a generator of some nature.   Again, what is this causative agent?              

            Freud suggested in his Theory of Repression that there were at least two drives operating in the Psyche that accounted for most human experience – Eros, the life instinct, which he equated with sexuality, and Thanatos, the death wish, which he equated with the frustration of natural sexuality through external repression.   Presumably, in the absence of neurosis, Eros would prevail, and Thanatos would become a negligent background condition.   Of course, human acculturation never permits such an ideal state of affairs – we cannot simply copulate at will in any form of modern industrial society, nor in most primitive ones.  Thus, repression and neuroses are still the rule, and spontaneous, relatively healthy sexual practice the exception.  

            Thanatos may well be the strange attractor eventually producing chaos in otherwise orderly personal and social systems – the strange attractor of chaos itself, and causative agent we are seeking – an inborn, and subsequently acculturated, drive to accomplish destruction and disorder.  When society’s constraints become too uncomfortable and restrictive for its members the outcome is commonly civil disobedience of one extent or other, ranging from mildly antisocial behavior at one end of the scale to full bore insurrection and social upheaval at the other.   In this sense, the “Eternal Boiling Sea” of Revelations really is sociopolitical in nature, but there are other examples of turbulence that are personal and spiritual as well.   The essential nature of the human condition is primarily frustrating in character – the flesh is never satisfied for long with anything, and is also prone to many sufferings, including old age, death, and the fear of death – and we experience this frustration as disturbance within the Psyche – inner turbulence.   If we are also spiritually frustrated because we cannot find the Truth of Consciousness in our daily lives, this adds another dimension to the problem.  

            This, to my mind, is the foundation of the chaos that underlies the turbulence of this existence – its inherently frustrating, agitated nature manifesting within our consciousness as the Freudian Thanotic Death Wish.   If nothing arises to oppose this condition (which, like so much in the Psyche, is often unconscious) we find ourselves confronted with social conflict, personal despair, and spiritual emptiness with no real tools or understanding to at least attempt to adjust the problem.   It is no wonder that this life is so filled with suffering and isolation, given this scenario.            

            At the root of the personal aspect of turbulence is our old nemesis, desire, always luring us into some moral quandary or other, resulting in pain and difficulty eventually as the outcomes.  At the root of spiritual turbulence is the more obviously pernicious condition of ignorance,  the lack of awareness of spiritual and moral truth.   Of the two, ignorance is the more destructive, because it cannot be detected until it has been overcome by enlightenment.   Once we have become enlightened regarding the true consequences of desire action,  we can at least choose some more constructive path – as long as we remain ignorant, we can choose nothing but instinct, and this is seldom the best way to act.    At the root of social turbulence is almost always greed – the desire for more than we rightly or wrongly perceive ourselves as having.  Greed is ultimately another form of ignorance – the ignorance of discompassion.   If I am engrossed in acquiring and using objects in the world, I will very probably never experience compassion, either for myself in my ignorant condition, or for others, trapped in theirs.   Individuals who have no compassion are poor indeed, no matter how much material wealth they have amassed.  

            Enlightenment is the curative for turbulence, to the extent that it can be cured.   By dispelling the inherent ignorance of our nature, motives, and behavior, enlightenment produces peace within the individual human consciousness, and the human macrosocial condition as well, and this peace is the ultimate goal of existence.  The facts of this existence are that we are faced with inevitable suffering and eventual destruction for the whole term of incarnation, wrestling in the interval with personal desires and social expectations of every kind, and bound to know frustration eventually, whether we are satisfied today or not.   Only the peace born of compassion and enlightenment can sooth the bitter reality of our lot as sentient biological creatures.   Let us all embrace this Truth as we live out our days.


                                                                                   - With Love, Alan -

                                                                (Copyright 2009, by Alan Schneider)


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