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                                                              Alan Schneider


                                                末末末末 A Gift 末末末末

                                                                      What is the Truth?

                                                                          Where am I?

                                                                           What am I?

                                                                            Who am I?

                                                                            What am I?

                                                                           Where am I?

                                                                       What is the Truth?

              Dharma is devotional service to God, including personal sacrifice, good works, and all forms of yoga, prayer, and meditation. Dharma is inherently rewarding this action burns, or releases, Karma and also develops a relationship with the Divine Consciousness. For this reason, Dharma is to be performed without the consideration of either punishment or additional reward, but is simply offered in the awareness of a higher purpose in life the Supreme Absolute Truth. My gift of these words is Dharma.

Karma is God manifesting in the multiplicity of forms which we experience with our senses as the physical universe of matter, energy, and action. Karma exists at every level from the most minutely personal a subatomic particle to the most universal the known cosmos itself. Karma is generated by willful action, or desire, and released through Dharma and non-attachment to the material forms of the world around us. Karma is a condition of temporary, separate manifestation that establishes where we are in our spiritual development.

Maya is the human sensory experience of Karma. Because Karma is a manifestation of God in multiplicity, or many separate forms, it cannot be known as the ultimate Truth of God by anything which is itself separate including the human physical form. Our senses can only show us reflected images of the Truth. We learn through culture and experience to assemble these images into a model of existence which we accept as reality. Maya is an illusion created by the senses this is what we are without Enlightenment. Maya is driven by Karma and generates desire and attachment to that extensive and complex interaction of the senses which is the ego. We frequently believe that this ego is who we are, but this is simply another, more deceptive, illusion occurring in Maya.

Atman is the Soul. This is the spiritual core or essence of God found in all the separate forms manifest in Karma. The Atman radiates from, and is part of, the Divine Consciousness. In this sense, even a common pebble has a Soul, or spiritual consciousness. The human form is a special creation, and has Atman which is very close to God, close enough to generate total Self awareness. Much of the time, this awareness is distracted by the attachment to Maya, but can be turned inward, away from the senses, through meditation. This process ultimately leads to the discovery of the Soul as a level of transcendental existence beyond the senses, originating in God. This is who we are.

Brahma is the Collective Soul, the sum total of all Atman manifestations. Brahma is the source of all Creation at every level of manifestation, including Karma and Maya. Brahma is the Divine Idea radiating from, and within, the Divine Consciousness. As the process of meditation draws the personal human awareness into the Soul, a powerful and profound bond is established between the two which enables the direct knowledge of Brahma through the Atman. The senses are what we are in the separate Karmic reflection of Maya. Brahma is what we are as the collective Creation of God.

Krishna means 鼎hrist-like, or 撤ure in Form, referring to a condition which is not diluted by any type of separation, specifically from Divine Consciousness through the expression of Karma. Brahma radiates from Krishna the Personality, or Mind, of God the literal Divine Consciousness. This Supreme Absolute Truth (SAT) is actually manifested in transcendental form as Krsna, and is not knowable in Maya. The addition of the 妬 and 塗 symbolically renders God痴 Identity into a form which the human ego can describe. Krsna is the ultimate reality and unified condition of everything. Through Brahma, Krsna manifests in the multiplicity of Karma, and the individuality of Atman.

            This duality establishes the dynamic relationship the ancient Chinese mystics called the Tao the Divine Union of universal Female and Male manifestation which creates all of the known forms of existence. The Female form of the Tao is called Yin, and is an expression of the Atman. The Male form is Yang, and is a complementary expression of Karma. The Yin is passive the Atman exists in Divine Form, but resides in the background of human awareness, and must be sought out by that awareness. The Yang is active the influence of Karma is immediate as dynamic action and literally generates Maya as a reflection in the foreground of awareness. However, Maya non-exists in the form of a separated (if persistent) sensory illusion. Krsna achieves the Creation of human awareness in this way as the ultimate Gift of Love in Free Will. The Tao establishes precisely the condition of balanced forces required to enable our awareness to both seek and ignore the Truth on an independent personal basis. Krsna is total, complete, and unconditional Love and Acceptance, an infinitely powerful single Consciousness that also manifests the ultimate challenge to consciousness Karma! Just as Karma is where we are as an expression of separation, so it is that Krsna is where we are in reunification with the Supreme Absolute Truth.

Yoga literally means 土oke, and is a reference to an ox yoke, used to harness one or more oxen to a cart. The spiritual meaning of Yoga is 砥nion, specifically, the union of human awareness with the Atman, thence Brahma, and ultimately Krsna. The use of the term 土oke is very insightful. Like human beings, the ox is an expression of the separate condition of Karma, and it would seem that it would be in an ideal condition in a wild and unrestrained state. The paradox (pair-of-ox? paired-ox?) of Karma is that this separate condition is really the least satisfying state, creating a sensory manifestation that requires endless gratification as the price of temporary survival. In fact, the oxen and human beings are both being guided in a better direction through Yoga. In the service of the carter, the ox is afforded a measure of care and protection not found in the wild. In the service of the Atman, the awareness is directed away from the doomed temporary manifestations of Karma and Maya, through Yoga as the vehicle of Enlightenment and higher consciousness. Our awareness is reincarnated through the agency of Karma at the level, and under the circumstances, required to regain the highest level of consciousness attained in the previous incarnation the death of awareness is not inevitable with the death of the body and physical sensation as Maya would seem to indicate.

            Yoga begins with the simple practice of Asana, or physical postures, and then advances through successively more refined techniques, including Dharma. Yoga dispels the attachment to the illusion of Maya through this ongoing Enlightenment process. When we have achieved the advanced state of Enlightenment in which Krsna is experienced everywhere as Life in Divine Manifestation, and all Karma and attachment have been released, we have come home to the Supreme Absolute Truth in transcendental Samadhi.

            All suffering is the result of attachment to Maya, although this cannot be known from that perspective. The great challenge of Dharma is to live in Enlightenment through Yoga, and without forming attachment to the senses and subsequently directing our actions through the motive of desire. The essence of desire is the illusion of gratification through manipulation of the senses. This approach to living may seem to be successful for a period of time, but only generates more Karma by reinforcing the illusion that we are separate from the objects of our desires, and in a separated condition, when we are all ultimately united in Love by God. I give you this Gift.

                                                                                               ------ from Alan with Love ------

                                                                                                            2006 / Alan Schneider





--- Welcome to The Circle of Light ---

-- Presented by Alan Schneider

- Volume One, Number One

- 02/26/2023 -



           The above figure is known in Hindu religious contexts as The Sri Yantra. A yantra is a visual depiction of a spiritual process or practice, as opposed to, for example, a mantra, which is an acoustic or auditory representation. In a word, a yantra is a picture of a divine expression.

          Sri is one of many Hindu goddesses worshipped throughout India, and, as portrayed in this yantra, is the Author of Creation, shown as initially emerging from a point at the center, then radiating forth in a complex pattern of interlinked triangular forms, representing the Hindu Trinity of Brahma the Creator, Vishnu, the Preserver, and, finally, Shiva, the Destroyer aspects of God. The yantra then transmutes into, first, a ring of eight lotus petals, then a subsequent ring of sixteen petals. The lotus is considered to be a Divine expression of Purity in Hinduism. The significance of the number of petals is quite complex, as is the slight reduction in petal size from the inner to outer rings the implication being that the process of Creation is progressive and successively diversified, assuming new forms as it radiates forth from the initial point of emergence in the center. The petals also have Sanskrit letter designations associated with each one, often not shown in the yantra design (probably for stylistic considerations?) and in any case complex enough that their meanings constitutes an additional discussion too extensive for commentary here. The final transition of form is seen in the outer representation of four T-shaped structures known as 敵ates arranged around the sides of the yantra. These are presumed to simultaneously represent the emergence of Creation into the basic physical forms we experience in the senses the four directions of the compass, the four states of matter (earth, air, fire, water / solid, gaseous, plasmid, liquid), and the four essential dimensions of perception length, width, height, and duration (among other possible implications).

         The sensory experience of existence is, in fact, essentially both chaotic and momentary, passing into memory instantaneously as soon as it is registered in the senses what we perceive is memory, not immediate reality, because this is the best our as-yet-only-partially-evolved brains can manage. The brain then associatively organizes this flood of memory traces into the meanings we eventually accept as 途eality. Thus it is that only the approximate categorization of external reality is possible in the face of the evident chaos from which everything emerges, and into which everything eventually returns. The Sri Yantra represents one such categorization of meaning

          Although this is not evident from the design, Hindu seers generally hold that the point of origin at its center is, in fact, a point of light, and the entire design is, therefore, composed of subsequent expressions of light, the ultimate implication being that (since the physical world is, as far as we know, the final form of the design emerging from the four Gates) everything we perceive in life is essentially composed of light!

          To a certain extent, astronomical and physical science confirms this contention the perceptible universe is thought to have instantaneously emerged from a super-singularity (mega-black hole) into an expansive and expanding super-radiant, incredibly hot field of plasma (read: radiant energy, i.e. proto-light) in a Grand Expansion that lasted for hundreds of millions of years before finally cooling enough to permit atomic star formation in the presence of proto-gravity. From our current observational perspective, the process has now 田ooled enough (over the past appx. thirteen billion years) to support the planets of our solar system, and bio-chemical life on Earth. It is of note here that most optical detectors still rely on a process by which a photon of light strikes the detector element, thereby releasing a detectable electron and a residual gamma ray in the reaction. The electron can then be channeled into an appropriate detection circuit for measurement and subsequent analysis. This process of energy conversion from the very high energy photon into the slightly-less energetic electron suggests the progressive mechanism of energy transfer to successively lower-energy, 田ooler states that eventually resulted in human evolution on our planet.

          The Russian Guru Michael Ibanov (who took the spiritual name 徹mRam) has asserted the contention that particularly natural light in any form, and to any extent, carries a 斗iving spiritual proponent within its radiant structure that light is a living spirit and can be interacted with on that basis through a meditative technique he referred to as Sun Gazing. The author has outlined the approach he has taken with this technique, producing stupendous results, in his website, The Universal Light, at www.searchlightforyou.com, under the Wisdom/Meditation link, and refers the reader to this source for additional information. Although it is certainly an absolute over-simplification, glossing past billions of years of history and countless physical and chemical steps along the way, the probable fact remains that everything began as light, and, from the highest perspective of consciousness, returns to light through Divine Grace and patient meditative practice!

          The human condition has always been problematic and fraught with all manner of challenges and sufferings. We have only emerged as a distinct species arguably four million years ago a nano-interval on the cosmic time scale and are still undergoing the evolutionary process now as of this writing. As fantastic an evolutionary marvel as the human brain is, it remains distinctly limited at the current stage. Science tells us that there are at least ten additional dimensions of being beyond the three or four (many authorities doubt the absolute existence of the fourth dimension of time) that we perceive in our minds through the neurological capacity of our brains, processing the chaotic inputs of our physical senses to do so.

           For all apparent proposes, we live in a momentary condition of perception culled from chaos that is still only conditionally 途eal, defined by culture, and always impermanent. The macro-consequence of this in-reality-distinctly-limited level of perception is that we live in a vision of existence that is fragmented into compartments of understanding which seem to be in fundamental conflict with each other. Science tells us one set of 鍍ruths, the mind perceives another (frequently very different, emotional) set, and religion and spirituality offer yet another set, all of which seem to and do have many irreconcilable differences. This is the best outcome that the brain can produce at the current stage of its evolutionary development, and the aforementioned disparities account for the vast majority of human conflict and suffering.

          To this author痴 knowledge, the only alternative to this sensory trap because that痴 what this life really is resides in the use of meditative and other legitimate alternative consciousness development techniques to shut down the 渡ormal mental process, still the mind, and, with faith and patience, open the doors of transcendent awareness.

                                                               This is the message of the Sri Yantra!


= Fron Alan With Love

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--- The War Prayer ---

By Samuel Clemens

(Mark Twain)


"Lord our Father, our young patriots, idols of our hearts, go forth into battle - be Thou near them!

With them -- in spirit -- we also go forth from the sweet peace of our beloved firesides to smite the foe.

   O Lord our God, help us tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our shells; help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead; help us to drown the thunder of the guns with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain; help us to lay waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire; help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with
unavailing grief; help us to turn them out roofless with their little children to wander unfriended in the wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and thirst, sports of the sun flames in summer and the icy winds of winter, broken in spirit, worn with travail, imploring thee for the refuge of  the grave and denied it --

For our sakes who adore Thee, Lord, blast their hopes, blight their lives, protract their bitter pilgrimage, make heavy their steps, water their way with their tears, stain the white snow with the blood of their wounded feet!

We ask it, in the spirit of love, from Him who is the Source of Love, and who is the ever--faithful refuge and friend of all that are sore beset and seek His aid with humble and contrite hearts!"





--- Welcome to The Circle of Light ---

-- Presented by Alan Schneider --

- Volume One, Number Two, 03/27/23 -

- Share LOVE -
- Embrace LIGHT -
- Teach TRUTH -
- Practice PEACE -




As we struggle through this frequently difficult, stressful, and
always challenging condition called life, we still hopefully have the time
and inclination to stop and ponder the larger questions it presents to us:
展hy am I here?, 展hy is life so often filled with suffering?, 滴ow
long will I be here?, and 展hat form of existence will follow this one
after the transition known as death?

Let us address these questions, all of which inevitably bring us
into the arena of faith and spirituality. 展hy am I here? and 展hy is
life so often filled with suffering? These two questions are intimately
related to each other. The Buddha has said that all life is suffering, and
the ultimate cause of this suffering is desire, linked to desire action, as
we proceed to attempt to fulfill the apparently endless succession of
desires present in existence. He also said that desire is fundamentally
illusory, because our experience of life is illusory, thus, all our struggles
to obtain gratification are doomed to be, at best, only temporary
distractions from the realization of the ultimate truth that we are only
collectively present as transitory expressions of our culture! The only
real peace to be had in life was to be found in esthetic living and
meditation in fulfillment of Dharma higher consciousness. Ultimately,
suffering is interwoven into the fabric of life, and its purpose is to lead
us back to the Truth of Dharma the attainment of enlightenment by
turning away from worldly, materialistic concerns and embracing peace
through meditation, selfless service, and sacrifice.

滴ow long will I be here? If the practices just outlined in the
previous paragraph are sincerely followed, this question is placed in a
far different context. If life, immediate as the physical senses seem to
tell us it is, remains nonetheless a sensory illusion, what is the relevance
of its continuity? What exists beyond the obsessive collection of the
objects present in that illusion? Again, suffering, viewed from an
enlightened perspective, offers some answers, as it redirects awareness
away from the material toward the existential and spiritual deeper
meanings of existence. The great south Indian Guru Ramana Maharshi
has said that only The Self (i.e. God) is real, and it can only be known
through, again, meditation and esthetic living. If such practices are
faithfully followed, we no longer need dwell on the duration of life,
because we have successfully shifted focus to its meaning and purpose.

展hat follows death? Perhaps a more relevant question is 展hat
creates life? Astronomical science maintains that all existence emerged
into being from a singularity (black hole) approximately thirteen billion
years ago, and for a period of several hundred million years thereafter
manifested as a hot (in the vicinity of at least three million degrees f.)
luminous gas plasma (read: cosmic fire), expanding at the speed of light
through the void of space. Eventually, after several billion more years
this plasma lost energy, cooling down to form the first stars, galaxies,
and planets we observe today. On Earth, this cooling process produced
the necessary conditions to create and sustain life as we know it. Thus,
we all ultimately have originated in cosmic fire and light! I propose that
by emphasizing moral, spiritual living and seeking enlightenment, we
can at least optimize the likelihood of returning to the light from which
we were created following the death of the physical form. I give you all
this gift of hope and salvation

- From Alan With Love -

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