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Alan Schneider


        Almost every spiritual tradition holds forth a promise of salvation for the consciousness of the believer, customarily with the proviso that exemplary behavior is practiced as the condition of its attainment.

            The author's life experience - in particular through meditation - tends to suggest that the attainment of Salvation is dependent at least on morally upright living, self-restraint, material detachment, and compassion. These are all Soul traits, and are treated at length in the More Soul essay in this section, along with several other Soul traits as well. The Soul is the undeniable gateway to Salvation, and its level of spiritual development is paramount.

             In essence, all the Soul traits have in common a focus on a Light Centered life and consciousness, and I believe that this is the key to Salvation, both in this continuum of experience and what lies beyond it. The ongoing practice of seeking and maintaining positively of perception at all times in life, no matter what the circumstances, is absolutely critical!

              If my experiences of the Divine Light and Love are reliable indicators of the nature of God, then He is most certainly a Being composed of both conditions, hence the stress I am placing on positivity and enlightenment here. I believe that leading a life of Light Centered, loving,  positivity will do as much as is humanly possible to fix consciousness in the orientation most well disposed to permit the Ascension of the Soul at death - rendering it free from earthly constraints and foci that otherwise will tend to hold it on the Material Plane of consciousness. In a word, to seek the Light, Be the Light, here and now on Earth - thereby, the Soul is rendered as radiant as possible, and prepared to rejoin God in His infinite field of Love and Light!

- from Alan with Love -


                               - Salvation Addendum -


          As the Planetary Unfoldment continues, more and more information will proliferate, especially in regards to Dark Agendas and Political Change.  Each "side" of the argument will offer "evidence to dispute its opponents and set forth a clear agenda.

            The mind begins to spin as it tries to take everything in.  If a person is mind-heavy, he (or she) can literally be consumed by it, tilting at windmills and crying wolf to the extent that many people stop listening altogether.  If a person is emotion-heavy, the collective angst of the world can easily flatten one, leaving no room for faith or action at all.  

             There is a THIRD Orientation, a Heart-Centered Approach. 

             One "Chamber" of the Global Heart must own that there are factions within us which have been assigned the task of trying to sustain control as Planetary Vibrations rise, in a NEED to be "in charge."    

             On the flip side, there are more hands trying to seize the reins of society than Organized Government alone. 

             There are Chaotic Forces at work too, who are determined to blow up anything which implies "organization or structure."  The Chaotian Manifesto states:  "All structure is bad.  Structure requires leadership, leadership bestows power, and power always corrupts." Chaosians are aware of this, and see it everywhere they look.  In order to combat this, Chaosians cut to the chase and go right for the corruption. Their plan is to blow up the "system."  That way, NO ONE is in "charge."  If there is no organization, there is nothing left to corrupt.  If you ain't got nothing, you've got nothing to lose. 

             Chaosians see anarchy as a viable way to approach life.  Not all of them are brutal or violent in how they see anarchy playing out.  In other words, Anarchy doesn't necessarily mean a "Max Mad" kind of world.  

             Underlying all of this, an unseen and unrecognized attitude (which Freud described loosely as the Subconscious Death Urge) is present at ALL LEVELS of human consciousness.  On some level, we ALL recognizethat 3D is just a Game. Theosians (Creators and Maintainers of Structure) and Chaosians share this in common.  Where they differ is in how they deal with it.         

             Another "Chamber" of the Heart acknowledges the pervasive sense of despair which is encompassing our Collective Emotional Body, seeking to enlist us into grieving, complaining, protesting, anxiety and/or depression.  Whether grief is caused by frustrated love, unattained goals, personal or national crisis, or any number of other disagreeable events.....these emotions tend to paralyze an individual from reaching beyond his physical senses to obtain insight on how to live,  even as Chaosians seek to destroy societal structure and Theosians seek to dominate it. Despair seeks to break down an individual's sense of identity, through hopelessness---thereby negating personal sovereignty and creative power for living with any measure of grace and ease. 

             Revolution Consciousness represents DESPAIR that has exploded and gone on the offensive.  It is Separationist in nature.  Whether it is organized or chaotic.......this approach assumes that "they" did this to us, so "they" have to go. 

              Devolution Consciousness ("Aw, Fuck It") is DESPAIR that has imploded and gone inward..... opting to run off into the hills (literally or figuratively) and stick its head in the sand through addictions to drugs, religion, work, exercise, family, possessions, sex, food, alcohol, etc until the whole business goes ka-blooey or we die from an overdose of the above, defecting from the 3D Game altogether. 

               It is only through EVOLUTION of Consciousness (realization that there is more to all this than meets the eye) that a Heart-Centered Approach begins to intervene. 

              If only one "Chamber" of our Heart is open, leaving the others blocked......evolution cannot occur.  This is true whether a person's focus is control, despair, or denial. 

              In order for Evolution to take place the WHOLE HEART must be activated and energized.  This is something that can only be affected through intervention from OUTSIDE the Reality Box in which a person is functioning.  This is called a "Quickening"......which is a "wake-up call" that sounds within a person's consciousness, signaling the END of One Game, and the BEGINNING of another. 

              What Freud called the "Subconscious Death Urge" can also be seen as a "Subconscious Transformation Instinct."  Death = Transformation. However, it can only be seen this way through the "eyes" of someone with an OPEN HEART. 

              The way an OPEN HEART is achieved is through the realization that EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS A REFLECTION OF SELF...........and there are no hidden "enemies" left to enslave, control, sabotage, or subvert our purpose for coming to 3D.   And what is that purpose?  It is the Gathering of Experience.........all types of experience........in accordance to a pre-set ITINERARY which was designed and contracted by each Player before entering the Game. There are obstacles and drama present in each life, but they are all part of the plan. There are no mistakes, but there are MANY SURPRISES(!!!)........and that is also as it should be.  There can also be love, joy, peace, passion, and a host of other experiences.  As has been previously stated, no one sees "life" quite like you do.  So the OneSelf needs your individuated viewpoint to make our Collective Experience complete. 

               Many people try to "straddle" the gap that exists between Separation and Universal Oneness.  They try to embrace the matter philosophically, but they fail to really choose one or the other. With every rise in Planetary Vibration, that gap gets wider.  Sooner or later, a person WILL choose:  FEAR or RECONNECTION.  The purpose of this work, so far, has been to continually underscore the realization that TWO options exist, and the Grand Game continues!


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