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--- Lingo ---


Alan Schneider


           "Lingo" is hipster slang for the more commonly recognized term "language" in the English vocabulary. It has, however, a higher spiritual vibration than its English language companion and, thus, will be the term used in preference here!

           Virtually every culture in history has developed some form of at least verbal, and possibly written, lingo in support of its existence.  In fact, this "level" of lingo is only the first, and spiritually most primitive, one, developed primarily for the base use of intercultural exchange of resources. The author is aware of at least three spiritually higher levels, described here.

          So, spoken and written Words are the lingo of culture.  The next higher level is the lingo of the Mind - Symbols, constituting symbolic mental communication. On this level, the personal and collective consciousness is continuously "talking" to itself and the waking conscious ego. The determined and resourceful Seeker can acquire a knowledge of these symbols and their meanings on both the conscious and unconscious levels of the Mind through the study of preferably scholarly texts, coupled with meditation as a "laboratory" technique. This lingo lexicon is vast and its interactions and interconnectedness are complex, however, every mundane waking perception also has a deeper symbolic meaning. Jung referred to these symbols as archetypes, primarily residing in the collective human unconscious, and generating culturally significant archetypal symbols that can be brought into conscious recognition through the therapeutic process he called individuation.   

          Virtually every set of recognized (and also unfamiliar) symbols has archetypal significance in the Mind - including the well-known Tarot Major Arcana, less familiar Viking Runes, even less familiar Enochian tables, and many ancient systems such as the Egyptian hieroglyphs and Sumerian cuneiform systems, to name a few examples. One could devote one's life to the study of mental symbolism, acquire advanced academic degrees in the field, and still barely penetrate the surface of the subject! Jung himself engaged in such an undertaking throughout his life, cataloging numerous symbol systems. Some of this material is mentioned in relevant texts here in The Universal Light, and the author encourages the Seeker to study both this website, and the many legitimate, scholarly texts available on this fascinating subject!

          The Mind and its lexicon of symbolic lingo is the gateway to the third level of lingo humanly perceptible to this authors knowledge - the lingo of the Soul - Vibration.  An essay on this subject is included in the Wisdom link, and the Seeker is referred to it now, however, some additional commentary may be helpful.

          Everything in the multiverse exudes a fundamental spiritual essence that is its spiritual vibration in consciousness - stars, people, objects, ideas, processes - everything. Through meditation and allied practices, one can learn to perceive these vibrations directly, although they are more properly described as being felt or sensed than seen or heard per se. This level of lingo is very subtle, but very important, because spiritual vibrations are also interactive, as are mental symbols. These interactions are very high-vibrating in consciousness, occurring on the Buddhic and Atmic Planes described in Doors In Disguise, chapter seven, Yoga. The Soul is at a level contiguous to God and the Logoic Plane on the highest spiritual level humanly attainable, in the Seventh Chakra Sahasrara, technically beyond the physical form(s) of existence, and only accessible in the altered state of Samadhi in deep meditation, but once this condition is realized, it has been initialized in consciousness and can then be much more readily detected. The Soul and its attendant vibration(s) are, at least in part, being transmitted to humanity by God for the sake of human enlightenment and salvation.  To this authors knowledge, meditation and adherence to the spiritual practices described in Yoga are the only ways to develop and enhance vibrational sensitivity, and the Seeker is encouraged to pursue both areas of involvement.

          Beyond the lingo of vibration lies the final level of lingo knowable in the human condition - Radiance, the lingo of Heaven!  When and if the Seeker has sacrificed all prior concerns and preoccupations and, through the Grace of God, experienced Samadhi, this level of lingo can be perceived and understood.  Simply put, God is continuously achieving Creation as and through an outpouring of infinite Love and Light everywhere in the multiverse. On the level of human culture on the Material Plane this outpouring takes the form of sensory experience of the "world" and objects until we achieve enlightenment and can successively perceive the higher levels of lingo beyond the cultural. Once the Seeker has been blessed with spiritual Grace, the additional lingos become perceptible in sequence. Divine Radiance is the the lingo of God in Heaven. And ultimately, this lingo is all there really is anywhere, any time! I give you this gift...

- From Alan With Love -

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