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Alan Schneider


             Psychology is reality. We are what and as we perceive. So it is that the glutton sees gratification as God, and the ultimate goal of life, and suspects little or nothing beyond this. The Seer, however, is sensitive to many levels of perception – the Planes of Manifestation beyond the clearly evident realm of sensory activity typical to the Physical Plane – the most basic level of perception, and the first Plane attainable to consciousness. Each Plane has its own characteristic mode of expression, and when an individual intuitively contacts the phenomenon representing that level of comprehension, it may be said that the essential vibration of the level is being experienced in consciousness as a vibrational perception. Each of the Planes has a sequentially higher, or more subtle and refined, level of essential vibration, passing through stages from the gross vibration of the physical senses on the Physical Plane, and culminating at the level of Divine comprehension on the Logoic Plane – the comprehension of the Logos surveying and interacting with Creation. There are at least five other levels of vibration in between (and perhaps many more, depending on whose system one works with most effectively), each one typical of a specific Plane of Manifestation.  

            The Sages and Seers of history have in common that they have become aware through various means of the existence of the Higher Planes of expression attainable to consciousness, and have, in the majority of cases, learned how to experientially contact them while still anchored in the flesh of the body. As we make these journeys, and subsequently return to the Physical Plane (and sensory experience), we progressively acquire a heightened sensitivity to the various vibrational manifestations associated with those higher planes, all of which are continuously present on the Physical Plane, but only perceptible to the sensitive, intuitive psychic traveler.  

            There are also individuals who seem to demonstrate an an inherent, inborn capacity to perceive beyond the gross manifestation of the senses. Such people are frequently known to the world at large as clairvoyant perceivers, and may demonstrate other supernormal capacities as well, such as telekinesis, for example. Nevertheless, the point to be understood here is that these qualities can be intentionally developed beyond whatever their natural level is through practice. This is of mixed consequence for human affairs, because some of the natural clairvoyants are also naturally oriented toward the perception and practice of negative, harmful phenomena, and demonstrate the intention to develop those capacities, as opposed to positive, beneficial ones. The deciding influence at work seems to be fundamentally Karmic in nature – the Soul of the negative perceiver is burdened with negative Karma that must be worked out somehow, and eventually will be, thus advancing Its evolution to a more positive level of expression.  

            In past editions of these essays, the author has suggested the possibility that everything in individual expression in existence has a “Soul”, or essential spiritual manifestation apart from its literal manifestation as an object of perception. Although this is a logical “stretch” for our comprehension, it effectively presents the basis for vibrational perception. What is being perceived by the sensitive observer is the vibration, (or emanation, or presence, or perhaps radiant emission) of the essential spiritual consciousness associated with an object or process in the world. Although this vibration does not have to be acknowledged as a “Soul” per se, its spiritual quality is still the basis of the experience. We are perceiving something that exhibits at least a rudimentary sentience, and possibly much more, and that perception is interactive as well – we are involved with what we spiritually experience. The author has heard this condition referred to as “God pouring God into God”, and this is an accurate description of the process of ongoing, interactive vibrational perception.  

            The more time one spends residing in higher, more sensitive, states of perception, the more “tuned in” to spiritual vibration one becomes. There are several ways to access these refined states of perception – meditation, astral projection, prayer, fasting, chanting, directed fantasies, free association, spiritual yoga, and spiritual art practice (e.g. Mandala meditation and design) are only a few of the routes available.  One need only chose a method, begin the practice, and continue the process.  

            What we rapidly discover in the course of developing vibrational perception is the universality of spiritual expression, where only mechanical objective expression may have been known previously. As we become more aware of the continuum of consciousness, we become more conscious of ourselves, and of our expanding place in that continuum. Eventually, the vibration of existence, and its many facets, becomes more relevant than the physical expressions involved. In a word, perception expands to the level characterized by the way a phenomenon intuitively feels as a vibrational expression. The Sages and Seers literally live in such a vibrational continuum. This intuitive feeling perception is frequently accompanied by more relatively gross emotional and physical feeling sensation as well, demonstrating an integrated complex of response to some element of the environment. This is what is meant by “gut feeling” assessments, as well as “listening to your Heart” – references to the second, third, and fourth Chakras, respectively, and to the Planes of Manifestation associated with those perceptual levels.  This method of experiencing and assessing the environment is far superior to the application of causal, linear ego logic alone as a problem solving technique, although that method should also be employed in the total solution scenario. The more techniques that can be brought to bear on life’s issues, the more likely it is that an effective response will be discovered.  

            Ultimately, at the highest level of vibrational perception, existence is seen to be functionally flawless as the vehicle of Karma. The ego is functionally non-existent at this level, suggesting that ego-based reality assessment literally creates problems in perception, and then proceeds to “solve” what never posed a difficulty to begin with! This possibility presents an intriguing prospect from the viewpoint of vibrational perception. If what we are “perceiving” in the vibrational sense of the term is Karma in manifest expression, then the extent of our real control over events is minimal, the influence of destiny is maximal, and this is the appropriate state of affairs in life. Deepak Chopra has described the ego as “a social fiction” – one that frequently causes more harm than good by distorting our perception of events along the lines of a presumed causality that tends to strengthen its psychological position. This state of affairs is the result of arbitrary social conditioning, and essentially nothing more. Once enough social disparity has been introduced into the environment through the inherent imbalance of ego-based thought processing, the paranoid supposition of threat becomes the real consideration of politics, and we have the resultant onslaught of history ever after – a history predominantly defined by conflict... 

            At this point, a note of caution and forbearance must be introduced into our discussion of vibrational perception. Such perceptions tend to be valenced in the direction of perceived personal well being by the ego. We tend to behave in accordance with what we believe to be our best interests as a result of any perception, and this trend is dramatically enhanced through vibrational assessment. There is always a significant element of subjectivity and subjective bias present in vibrational assessments. For this reason, even though they may be extremely compelling, vibrational perceptions should be approached with enforced detachment, and action based on such perceptions should be kept intentionally to a minimum. As consciousness expands through the Planes of Manifestation, the practice of vibrational assessment becomes the norm, and this makes the need for restraint even more imperative.  The range of factors effecting the vibration of a phenomenon is so extensive and complex that it is essentially beyond human understanding, although not beyond human perceptual experience, and this can be catastrophic if combined with precipitous action. Personal mood and disposition also have an effect on vibrational perception – both can, and do, change, altering our perception of conditions when they do.

            In a world social environment where the ego, for better or worse, has become supreme, causal logic must be introduced into the perceptual condition as a necessary evil, and used in conjunction with vibrational perception, as dual methods of assessment of the environment. And it goes without saying here that the compelling arguments of the ego are no less subject to enforced detachment than vibrational assessment – restrained action is frequently the the best action to take in any setting, since the eventual outcome of any course of action cannot be predicted with more than partial accuracy. It is well to remember that Karma literally means “action” in Sanskrit, and the vibration of our actions literally creates the reality that we perceive.

             Every thought is a potential form of action occurring on the Mental Plane, and perception is a form of reflective action occurring on every Plane at different levels of sophistication. Only the Non-Dual Perception occurring on the Logoic Plane is flawless. It is well to consider that the level of vibrational perception we are experiencing is necessarily fragmented to the extent that it is self-motivated by personal ego considerations, and this must be the case, however slightly, short of Divine Thoughts. For this reason, the Golden Rule of All Perception remains, ”Do Unto Others as Thou Would Have Them Do Unto You”, regardless of the level of vibration they display in their lives, or in the isolated events they appear to be controlling. Act always in and from Love...


                                                                                  - With Love, Alan -

                                                                           (CR2007, Alan Schneider)


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